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Wickle Elite II Pickleball Paddle Review

Company Info: We’re back today with a follow up review of Wickle Pickleball and their latest paddle. To see our original review of the Wickle Elite I and their company information, click here. 

Product Name: We’ve got the Wickle Elite II to review today.

Description: The Wickle Elite II is the latest drop from Wickle Pickleball. This paddle stays true to the Wickle color scheme, with the dark green, white, and black colors.

The paddle itself features an all black edge guard with no markings. The paddle face is primarily dark in color as well. The USA Pickleball logo is black, and shines against the already dark paddle face. The paddle features the “Wickle” wording logo in white at the base of the paddle face, with the Wickle Logo oversized in green across the entirety of the face. The name “Elite II” is also in the company font, in white, vertically down the right hand side of the paddle face.

The grip and grip band are both black and do not contain any additional marking or branding.

The handle cap does feature the Wickle logo in green.

You’ll notice right away that the paddle shape is different in the Elite II than the Elite I. The paddle face is slightly wider and seems more in line with the top brands in the marketplace.

The paddle face is constructed with a grittier Ray T700 carbon fiber than the Elite I. It is thermoformed with edge wall foam injection.

Play feel: Similar to the Elite I, the Elite II paddle is very comfortable when handling. Again, the grip tape lacks texture, and feels soft when playing. The handle is slightly shorter than the Elite I, and the paddle is also slightly heavier.

I think the added weight on the Elite II makes this paddle feel really sturdy when playing. It packs a good amount of power when hitting serves, drives, and overheads. The paddle has a considerable amount of texture on the paddle face and allows for a great deal of spin when hitting both power and finesse shots.

I noticed the sweet spot was relatively true to what you would think. It seemed like the sweet spot location was the middle to the top of the paddle, which allowed for a really easy to use paddle. Given how sturdy the paddle was it also felt like it had a good amount of forgiveness and strength when blocking speed ups.

The grip itself does not have any texture or tackiness and if you’re somebody who sweats a lot, you may consider utilizing an overgrip.

 The paddle plays very consistent and can be integrated very easily into rotation.

Price Point: The Wickle Elite II is available on their website for $149.00.

Recommendation: I think the Wickle Elite II is a step up from the Elite I. I think the updated paddle shape and weight are fantastic.

Wickle provides a 6 month warranty and a 7 day Demo program, which I think is great.

This is a carbon fiber face 16mm paddle, that is very high quality and set at a great price point. Being less than $150, it is considerably more affordable than some of the larger brands in the market, while still providing a competitive paddle. This is a great value in my opinion.

I definitely think this is a high quality paddle that can be used for competitive players. It has held up great in the Florida heat and is ready with to play right out of the box.

I like the design and that Wickle stayed true to their color combination in their first paddle offering.

Like last review, I would definitely recommend taking advantage of their Demo program that they have going on! Thanks again to Wickle and we’ll continue to stay tuned for their future drops!

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!


Average Weight: 8.1 oz

Paddle Length: 16.5 in

Paddle Width: 7.5 in

Paddle Thickness: 16 mm

Handle Length: 5.35 in

Grip Circumference: 4.25 in

Swing Weight: 118 kg-cm²

Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb

Paddle Face Material: Raw T700 Carbon Fiber

Construction: Thermoformed with Edge Wall Foam Injection

USA Pickleball Approved


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