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Vindiction Vice Pickleball Paddle and Pickleball Bag Review

Company Info: Vindiction Sports is a pickleball company based out of South Florida. They are avid pickleball players themselves and with that, wanted to enhance the game they love with high grade materials. They took a year to fine tune their paddles. They have a number of pickleball related products, from paddles to bags, and other accessories. To see more information on them and check out their full product line up, give them a look at Code “toptier” gets you 10% their website as well!

Product Name: We’ve got the Vindiction Vice Pickleball paddle and Vindiction Pickleball Paddle Bag with shoe compartment.

Description: The Vindiction Vice Pickleball Paddle is a 16MM paddle with a T-700 Japanese Carbon Fiber paddle face. The paddle itself is primarily black in color. The edge guard is black with no additional markings. The grip is black, not tacky, and has electric blue stitching and ridges throughout. The handle cap has a QR code for their website in the same electric blue.

The USA Pickleball approval logo is present at the base of the paddle face, in white. Above that, the Vindiction logo is present in electric blue. Down the left hand side of the paddle face, vertically, the name “Vice – 16MM” is present in electric blue and white text. Down the right hand side, it states “T700 Carbon Fiber” again, in the white and blue color combination. The paddle face is the same on either side.

The paddle face has a considerable amount of texture. The paddle features a polypropylene honey comb core, and is thermoformed.

The Vindiction Pickleball Paddle bag with shoe compartment is primarily black in color. The bag itself is somewhat triangular in shape, with two straps and numerous compartments.

The Vindiction Logo is present and stitched into the front/top of the bag.

The bag itself has a compartment for your shoes on the back / bottom and a pocket to slide your paddles in and out on the front. The bag has other small and large pockets that zip for security and the outside has an elastic mesh water bottle holder on either side. The bag also has a hook, so that you can hang it on the pickleball court fence.

Play feel: The Vindication Vice paddle is comfortable when handling. The weight is over 8 ounces, however, it is dispersed well and doesn’t feel heavy at all when handling. The grip is comfortable and the ridges are not overbearing.

The paddle face surface has considerable texture and allows for the ability to place a great deal of spin on the ball. I thought the sweet spot was true to form, although a bit tight to the middle of the paddle. I noticed that specifically when hitting just out of reach shots near the top of the paddle.

I thought this paddle held up best in control / spin shots and the consistency was good for dinks and finesse shots. It does hold strong and durable with power shots as well.

The paddle itself did not show any major signs of wear and tear during our testing period in the Florida heat.

Price Point:  The Vindiction Pickleball Paddle Bag with shoe compartment is available for $32.99 on their website and the Vice paddle is available for $89.99.

Recommendation: For the money, I think both of these items are a great value. The bag seems very durable and holds more than I anticipated. I like that it has the hook to be able to place it on the court fences.

I think the design on the Vice paddle is timeless and I like the color combination of black and the striking electric blue. The paddle showed minimal signs of wear and tear over our testing period. Although the grip lacks tackiness, it does have ridges, which helps with the ability to grip when sweating, etc.

To be able to get a carbon fiber 16MM paddle under $100 is very solid. Additionally, I think the bag is a great option at roughly $30 and holds a couple paddles, shoes, drinks, a change of clothes, towel, and even has zip pockets for your valuables.

If you’re looking to upgrade your beginner paddle with some more quality materials and not break the bank, I would definitely recommend this paddle and bag!


Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!


Paddle Length: 16.4"

Paddle Width: 7.4"

Paddle Grip Length: 5.5"

Grip Thickness: 4.29"

Core Thickness: 16 mm

Average Weight: 8.12 oz

USA Pickleball Approved


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