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Sparrow Pickleball Bag and Glasses Review

Company Info: Sparrow Pickleball is a “throwback retro pickleball brand from Miami.” They are fellow Floridians and can be found in Miami at the Wynwood shopping area. Their goal is to provide vintage style that is also function on the pickleball courts. They have a range of products from bags and glasses, to women’s accessories as well. More on them here:

Item: We’ve got the “Classic Court Traveler” Pickleball bag and the RetroVisions – Classic sports sunglasses.

Description: The “Classic Court Traveler” pickleball bag is a made with cotton canvas. It features a pouch on the exterior that is designed to hold a paddle or racket. The outside pouch even has a small zip pocket as well. The exterior racket / paddle pouch features the Sparrow Logo with the alternate side saying “Made for Play.” The bag itself zips all the way up and features a handle or a strap for carrying on your shoulder.

The color of the bag is a standard beige canvas color with black accents. The zip areas are in a red accent color as well. The left and ride side of the bag feature a mesh pocket for drinks etc. The interior of the bag has storage for larger items and a smaller area with a Velcro pocket and 4 smaller open pockets for items like phones etc.

The sunglasses are unisex and have a matte dark blue color. They are made with a Grilamid TR90 frame and polycarbonate lens. They also feature a light grey portion on the top as an accent piece. The lenses themselves are somewhat transparent, but primarily are reflective. They feature the sparrow logo on the left hand side with the wording on the interior. They came with a cloth carrying bag.

Price Point: The pickleball page is listed for $75 and the glasses are $35 on their website.

Recommendation: The “Classic Court Traveler” pickleball bag is great for transporting your pickleball gear. It can hold 3 paddles and multiple pickleball related items. The bag itself is very durable and also, is very comfortable to carry.

I think the goal of being “vintage” yet functional has been achieved with this item. The bag has great storage capabilities, but also, has the style factor. The bag is definitely more stylish than your standard athletic bag. A huge positive is that the item is animal friendly and cruelty free. These are sure to turn heads on the pickleball courts!

The sunglasses are very sleek looking and I am surprised at how well they held up while playing. They were very comfortable to wear and stayed in place even with heavy sweat in the FL heat. I also used these glasses to run in, and they functioned great for that as well. Outside of being functionally great for blocking the sun during athletic endeavors, these are very stylish and could be worn around town outside of the courts. I always enjoy an item that has dual purpose! They come in a variety of colors, which can be found on their website.

Both of these items were really high quality and I believe are fairly priced. They shipped quickly and their have been very responsive as well. I really enjoy not only the style of these items, but the functionality as well.

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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