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Sol Sister Sport Merchandise Review

Company Info: “Sol Sister Sport” is a female owned and operated apparel company, based out of California. They specialize in the “internet sensation” 2 in 1 leggings combo’s. A portion of their proceeds also go towards These items are designed to mix comfort with function, while being stylish as well. You can find more on them and shop here:

Apparel: Today, we are reviewing the women’s Sol Sister 2-1 skirt with capri length leggings and the men’s Sol Mister 2-1 shorts with leggings.

Description: Both items feature their signature compression pants with either the skirt or short over top in a combo. The quality is evident and both are very soft and have a luxurious feel. They are extremely comfortable to wear. The men’s combo features an elastic waistband, to really get the ideal fit.

The great thing about both of these items is that they feature POCKETS. This really makes the combo an “all purpose” wear, not only on the pickleball courts, but for every day wear as well. Specific to pickleball, it is nice to have the pockets to be able to hold extra balls during play or training. The men’s combo even features a zip pocket on the back, for storage.

The women’s leggings combo come in multiple colors and are very stylish in design.

Price Point: Both items come in at a price point of $88.

Recommendation: We really enjoyed testing these out. They held up great both on the pickleball courts and during a workout as well. The big thing about these that is so appealing is that they are so multi-purpose. Given that they are stylish, they really could be worn in numerous places outside of just the courts. Pair the quality with the fact that the company gives back and we think you’ve got another great combo (in addition to the leggings)! Give them a look for your next athletic wear purchase.

For full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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