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Shattered Paddle Apparel Review

Company Info: “Shattered Paddle Apparel” is a pickleball apparel company that focuses on “small batch, high quality pickleball gear.” They are based out of PA and is run by a former tennis professional. More on them and their products here:

Paddle Name: Today, we are reviewing the unisex “Mint Pickleball Tee.”

Description: The shirt is a mint color, which features graphics on both the sleeve and on the front of the shirt. The dual court outline graphic is in both black and white, which gives a cool feature to the shirt. Although it is clearly a pickleball court graphic, to the non-pickleball player, it would just look like an eye-catching design. The sleeve features the “Shattered Paddle” name, and their logo is featured on the top left. The shirt is a 50/50 blend and also comes in the color “melon.”

Price Point: The t-shirt is available on their website for $20.

Recommendation: I really like the logo and design of this shirt. The graphic is sleek, yet pops, and doesn’t give me the typical “pickleball t shirt” vibe. The sporty look is definitely one that allows this shirt to be worn outside of the courts and at the gym, etc. The brand is just starting, but also has dry fit gear coming out as well. Given they are just starting, I am impressed by their first drop. It’s also nice to have some exclusivity in the apparel as well. At a price point of only $20, I would recommend giving them a look and am excited to see what they come out with in the future!

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