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SamLouise Luxury Pickleball Bag Review

Company Info: Today we are reviewing a luxury pickleball bag from SamLouise. SamLouise is a company that specializes in luxury racket sports bags for games like tennis, pickleball and racquetball. Their goal is to make bag that not only looks good, but is functional as well. The bags are crafted to be an expression and a complement to your personal style, not only when on the pickleball courts. More on them here:

Item: We’ve got our hands on the SamLouise England 68 Pickleball Bag.

Description: The bag comes in multiple colors, but today we are reviewing the white / navy version. The bag itself is a vegan leather and it features the SamLouise logo embedded on the exterior. The leather is white and the bag features navy accents and a navy / white handle.

The bag came with a protective case and the packaging is very high quality. It features a carrying handle and also a shoulder strap for easier carrying. The design itself is very stylish and is quite different than your typical “pickleball sports bag.”

There are multiple compartments to store items, but the most eye catching is the paddle compartment featured on the exterior of the bag. This area allows you to store a couple paddles, while leaving the interior of the bag for your other items like balls, keys, phone, etc. The entire bag also zips for protection of items.

The interior of the bag is a vibrant red/orange color. The interior also features a zip pocket for safer storing of items.

Price Point: This luxury bag is available on their website for $139.00.

Recommendation: Overall, this bag is fantastic. I was super impressed from the packaging to the item itself. The entire product experience feels super high end.

The bag is definitely not your typical sports bag. While it serves the same function (carrying your gear), it does so in a way that is ultimately a lot more stylish. You can easily take this bag to the pickleball courts, and then also out to lunch, etc. without looking like a typical sports bag.

If you’re looking to up your “style game” on and off the court, this is definitely the bag for you. It’s a statement piece and we rarely have seen any bag like this at the courts here in FL.


· Vegan Leather

· Fits 2 paddles

· 4 internal pockets, 3 exterior pockets

· 15*13*5.5

· lightweight

For full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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