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RAD Pickleball Co. “Retro Ripper” review!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Big shout out to our friends over at RAD Pickleball Co. for letting us check out their mainstay in that of the "Retro Ripper." RAD is based in Southern California, and they specialize in making rad pickleball paddles, apparel, and accessories.

Paddle name: "Retro Ripper"

Description: This paddle is very aesthetically pleasing, and we dig the retro look with the checkered pattern. This is actually the RAD, signature paddle, and it certainly encompasses their brand. You can get the grip cover in either black or hot pink. The paddle features an edge guard and is made of polypropylene honeycomb core, with carbon fiber reinforcements. The paddle is USA pickleball approved. Check out our Instagram for full pictures and video!

Play feel: Upon our initial inspection, the first thing we notice about this paddle (outside of the Vans appearance) is the texture. The paddle face clearly has a lot of texture that you can feel while rubbing your hand against it. This is perfect for adding additional spin on the ball. Additionally, the stock grip that this paddle comes with actually feels great while playing.

After playing with the paddle, the touch is very good and there is a rather large sweet spot. There is plenty of power packed into this thing as well. It did NOT take long to transition from a Selkirk to this paddle and feel comfortable in long rally's, both while dinking and while driving. The feel while playing is sturdy, but not overly heavy. There were little to no marks on the paddle face as well, which leads us to believe that the "retro" color design is built to last.

Price point: The paddle currently sits at a price point of 95$. This is definitely a more top tier paddle and personally we feel as though this is an appropriate price. Given the cost of a Selkirk Amped (about 150), we do think this paddle is pretty comparable.

Recommendation: We would definitely recommend trying out the RAD pickleball paddles! They sit just under some of the most popular brands as far as price point is concerned, and they still pack a punch! If you're looking for a paddle with a lot of texture or if you're looking to add "spin" to your game, this is definitely a paddle for you.


- Length: 410mm/16.14in

- Width: 200mm/7.87in

- Thickness: 13mm/0.5in

- Handle Length: 130mm/5.12in

- Grip Circumference: 4.33in

- Weight: 240g/8.47oz


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