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Primal Elements Pickleball Soap Review

Company Info: Primal Elements is a beauty product company that specializes in bath and skin care products. They also offer items such as candles, hand washes, and botanical infusions. Their products are environmentally friendly and are not tested on animals or contain animal ingredients. They’ve got a wide array of items that are homemade in Huntington Beach, CA. They’ve been around since 1993 and have grown from a kitchen to a 25,000 square foot facility! Check them out at

Item: We’ve got the Pickleball Vegetable Glycerin Bar Soap!

Description: The bar soap features 2 pickleball paddles embedded in the bar, with a bright yellow pickleball in the middle. The soap itself is a see through light blue color. It comes wrapped with the Primal Elements logo in silver, with a description of the item on the back.

The fragrance itself is very fresh and clean. It is described as “crisp green notes and sliced citrus on a bed of cedarwood and vanilla.” The scent is not overbearing and really does stay true to the citrus / fresh scent.

The bar is made with pure vegetable glycerin soap, which means that not only does it act as a cleanser, but also hydrates as well. The weight of the bar is 5.8 oz.

Price Point: The soap bar is available on their website for $9.50.

Recommendation: I think that this bar of soap is super cool and have it currently sitting on my bathroom vanity. The design is eye catching and I think even the packaging is sleek.

The smell itself is very good, yet not overpowering. It leaves you with a crisp and fresh scent that could be used for a man or woman. The pickleball and paddles being embedded in the bar make it really eye-catching obviously pickleball related.

If you’re not getting it for yourself, this would make a great gift for your pickleball friends or family! I haven’t seen anything like this on the marketplace. Another huge benefit is that it features minimal ingredients and is super high quality. We love seeing an animal free product and it’s something you can feel comfortable and confident using.

Thanks to Primal Elements for sending this our way, we’ve got to get more of their stuff!

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