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Poorpickle Pickleball Apparel Review

 Poorpickle is a pickleball specific apparel company that launched 11/23. They were created to bring custom pickleball shirts to wear on the court instead of resorting to golf polos. Per their website, they are focused on “providing athletes with premium tops that don’t slack on style.” They specialize in henley style shirts, without a collar. They have men’s and women’s along with accessories as well. Check them out at


Item Name: Today we’ve got the Palmy Henley and the Drippy Henley.


-        The Palmy Henley is primarily dark green in color. It features palm leaves across the entire shirt, in a cream color. The “Poorpickle” logo is featured on the left sleeve.

-        The Drippy Henley is a pink color. The shirt features a paint splatter design across the entire shirt (front, back, and sleeves). The paint splatter colors are teal and white. The shirt also features the “Poorpickle” logo on the sleeve in white.

-        Both of these items are a modern fit without being oversized. They are made of a polyester/spandex blend, so they feel very stretchy and breathable. To me, they ran true to size.

Price Point: Both shirts are available on their website for $58.99.

Recommendation: These shirts feel super high quality at first inspection. Wearing them, this is confirmed. The shirts are super comfortable to wear and are moisture wicking. The designs are very stylish and these items could be worn both off or on the courts.

These definitely stack up as a “performance” shirt, give how breathable they are and also the fact that they are anti-odor. They felt great when wearing to play pickleball and also at the gym.

As we’ve stated before, we always appreciate a “dual purpose” item. In this sense, I definitely think you could rock these henley’s both on the courts or even out in town as well.

Living in FL, we appreciate the UPF 50+ that these bring!

The items have held up very well through a wash cycle and we saw no signs of wear or tear in putting these through court time and gym time.

I’m very impressed by these shirts. I think they are really comfortable and they feel great to wear. I also think the designs are cool and they have a wide variety to choose from. It’s also awesome to see such a high quality brand that is focusing on these item types specific to pickleball.

We’ll be on the lookout for what they bring in the future!

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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