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PKLR Sport Apparel Review

Company Info: PKLR Sport is a pickleball apparel company based out of Los Angeles, California. Founded by Brooks Proctor, they wanted to create a brand that would cater to the next generation of pickleball athletes. They attempt to do so, by bridging the gap between style, culture, and function. Their items in general are minimalistic in design, featured on high quality gear. Shop their full collection, from tees/dry-fit, to accessories like tote bags or bucket hats at Another interesting (and very impressive) piece of information about PKLR, is that they also signed a deal with Saks Fifth Avenue, so you can find them there as well!

Item: We’ve got the Dink Drive Smash Tee, the PKLR V-Neck Tee, and the If You Know, You Know Trucker Hat.

Description: The Dink Drive Smash tee features the text in a box shape on the left upper chest on the shirt. The shirt comes in either black with white font, or white with black font. The shirt is 100% cotton and is a unisex fit. The PKLR v-neck is a slim fit 100% cotton shirt. It features the PKRL text in oversized letters on the front. Again, this shirt comes in either black with white font, or white with black font. The trucker hat is very stylish and features the embroidered text (“If You Know, You Know.”) on the front foam part, with the PKLR logo embroidered on the side on the mesh side. The hat is adjustable as well. The color scheme for the hat is black, with white text, and the PKLR logo in a green accent.

Price Point: The Dink Drive Smash tee was online for $24.99, he trucker hat was available online for $24.99. The PKLR V-neck is currently on sale on their website for only $12.50!

Recommendation: One really cool thing about PKLR, is that all the items are custom made to order. It’s also very cool to see some pickleball related clothing items in a store with the reputation and size of Saks Fifth Avenue.

As a whole, I really think PKLR has done a great job with their minimalistic and stylish pickleball designs. It’s awesome to be able to have some pickleball gear that can translate to fellow pickleballers, but that is also very stylish and fashionable. The color schemes are simple, yet timeless. You can definitely tell streetwear vibe is present in the designs and I also am impressed at the pricing of the items. I think typically items of this nature would carry a higher price tag, so this was a nice surprise.

From a functionality standpoint, the shirts and hat all fit really well and are comfortable too. Given the shirts are 100% cotton, obviously keep that in mind with the sizing and washing/drying.

If you are looking for some fashion-forward pickleball gear that is affordable, comfortable, and high-quality, definitely give PKLR a look.

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