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Pirani Life Tumbler Review

Company Info: Pirani Life (or just “Pirani”) is a sustainable insulated tumbler company, that started in South Florida. A husband and wife team utilized their love for the outdoors, to start a company that would help alleviate trash and litter on the beautiful beaches of Florida. They have been around since 2018 and started in their apartment living room. Their current headquarters are in Asheville, NC and they are one of the top 15 fastest growing start ups in Asheville as of 2022. Their ultimate goal is to create sustainable products that are high quality and can replace “single-use” products. Find out more on them and shop their full collection here:

Item: We’ve got the 26 oz. Ombre Insulated Stackable Tumbler (Waves) to check out!

Description: The 26 oz. Ombre Insulated Stackable Tumbler comes in a variety of color schemes, which are all beautiful and not over the top. The “Waves” color scheme features a dark blue at the bottom, which slowly fades to a light blue ocean color. The Pirani logo is featured at the bottom, in silver.

The tumbler itself is insulated with their “Skinny-Wall Triple Insulation” which means drinks can stay hot for up to 6 hours OR cold for up to 12+. Annually, there are about 500 billion single-use cups utilized around the world.

The tumbler has indentations that make it stackable, but also are indications for the amount of ounces for certain drinks! For example, the indentation at the bottom would be the fill line for 1 oz. (whiskey) and then further up would be 5 oz. (cappuccino).

The lid is pretty straightforward and is comfortable to use. It is also pretty spill proof as well.

The lid and the tumbler are both dishwasher safe, which is a huge plus.

Price Point: The 26 oz. tumbler sells for $32.95 on their website.

Recommendation: I have used this tumbler for a few weeks now and it has held up phenomenal. I’ve been taking this to the courts with water, given the heat, and the ice has never melted. From a quality perspective, it feels very high end and I love the color scheme (perfect for FL living)!

I was surprised at just how long the ice stays in the cup and how long the drink stays cold. The ice has lasted overnight, multiple times.

After washing, I have seen no color fade or issues with the lid or design.

I do really think this is an “all purpose” tumbler, as it can be used for hot or cold drinks and the indentations really add a fun twist so that you could use it for any drink you would want. From your 12 oz. beer, to your 8 oz. glass of wine, or even 16 oz. of water or your morning coffee, this tumbler has you covered.

They have a wide variety of different designs on their website, and even have accessories for the tumblers as well.

I would highly recommend utilizing this tumbler, not only for its quality and functionality, but also for the sustainable aspect of their mission.

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