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PicklePodz Review

Company Info: PicklePodz is a pickleball company that specializes in carrying cases for pickleballs! This helps with the most common question at the court “did you bring a ball?” They have been featured by some of the best pro players, like Benny “Bombs” Newell and Yana Grechkina. Shop their full line of plant named products here:

Item: We’ve got the Coleus (Black) and Zinnea (Green) pods!

Description: The PicklePodz carrying case is roughly the size of one pickleball and zips for protection. It has a canvas style outer piece, in a variety of colors (we have the black and green). The case also comes with a carabiner clip, so you can easily attach it to your pickleball bag. The interior is a metallic material that allows the balls to not get overheated or warp. The case itself is hard and gives additional protection for the balls if you decide to not utilize the clip and place the pod in your bag etc. Each item features the PicklePodz logo on the exterior.

Price Point: The PicklePodz are available online for $14.99 each. You can also buy in bulk and save some money per pod!

Recommendation: I think the idea of the PicklePodz is great. It always seems like people are rolling up to the courts, but either not bringing a ball, or using a ball that has been sitting in their bag that’s warped or have soft spots, etc. This helps never forget to bring not only a ball, but a ball you can actually play with given the protection.

The PicklePodz are very durable and I’ve had them attached to my bag for a number of weeks now, with no issue.

The pod carries 1 ball per pod and I think in the future, it would be cool to see them maybe make a carrying case for 3 balls.

Given the price point, I think these would make a great, functional gift. They are inexpensive and will allow you to maintain some life in the pickleballs you are using. I think the carabiner clip is a great idea and allows for easy access.

Take a look at their full line up at their website. We’re excited to see what they’ve got coming out in the future!

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