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Pickled Paddler Apparel Review

Company Info: Today we’ve got a 317 connection (we lived in Indianapolis for a number of years) with that of “Pickled Paddler.” Pickled Paddler is an Indianapolis based pickleball apparel company, founded in 2021. A fun fact about them is that they actually heat press their own pickleball products (how cool is that?)! Their goal is the provide products to fit the next generation of pickleballers. They are women, LGBTQ+, and 1st responder owned. See more from them at

Item: We’ve got a number of items today, ranging from the “Court Outline” t-shirt, to the women’s “ATP OMG” hoodie, and even a hat, visor, and tank as well! For the full pictures (and even a try on haul) go to our Instagram.

Description: Shirts- the shirts are really comfortable and both shirts feature not only graphics on the front, but also the Pickled Paddler logo on the back as well. The “Pickleballer” shirt was definitely our favorite. For all items below, there are both men’s and women’s options of just about all styles, as well as a number of different color options. The designs are stylish and the fits are great, as the shirts are moisture wicking and super comfortable.

Tank Top: The tank top also features the “Court Outline” with the logo on the back. The tank is a women’s cut and fits accordingly. It is lightweight and held up great during a workout and time on the courts!

Hoodies: We have the “ATP OMG” hoodie and the “Pickled Panda” hoodie. Both of these feature a bold graphic on the front.

Hat/Visor: We have the “002 Wide Mesh Cap” and the “Pickleballer Performance Visor.” Both of these are bright in color and really lightweight. The mesh cap is extremely breathable and both are very comfortable to wear. Outside of the courts, I’d recommend that cap for running as well, given how lightweight and breathable it is!

Price Point: The prices for these items are currently as follows from the Pickled Paddler website: Hat - $30, Visor - $20, T-Shirts - $25, Women’s Longsleeve - $30, Hoodies - $40. I did not currently see a price on the tank or the baseball tee – so stay tuned for those releases!

Recommendation: All of these items have been extremely comfortable to wear when working out, playing pickleball, and even running some errands. Additionally, the items have held up well after being washed and dried too.

The big thing I like about this brand is that they are able to incorporate a lot of great pickleball phrases, ideas, and terms in a fashionable way. Also, they offer so many different colors, and styles of the same designs.

One other thing to note about them, is that they offer “partner” t-shirts, which would be perfect for playing doubles. With these shirts, one shirt would have half a phrase or part of a phrase and the other shirt would have the last bit.

I’m impressed by the overall selection of quality items. You can tell that the items are hand printed with care, as they have held up great and seem built to last. If you’re looking for some fashionable and comfortable pickleball gear, I would definitely recommend giving them a look. Cheers, from a fellow Hoosier!

For full photographs, check out our Instagram!


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