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Pickleball Smash Card Game Review

Company Info: Pickleball Smash is the “first of its kind” pickleball card game. Pickleball Smash was created out of two things the owners love, pickleball and card games. They are a family owned and operated business based out of VA. They’ve been featured in numerous publications, from The Dink Newsletter to the 3rd Shot Drop podcast. More on them and some helpful tips on how to play the game at

Item: Today we’re reviewing the Pickleball Smash Card Game.

Description: The game itself is a card game and comes in a vibrant orange box, featuring the Pickleball Smash logo. It’s advertised as for those aged 8+ and for 2-4 players. The box includes the playing cards, a card explaining the rules, and even a FAQ card, to help those who may have never played the game before.

Similar to a normal game of pickleball, to win Pickleball Smash, you want to collect cards to play tricks and score 11 points. The cards themselves feature common pickleball terms like ATP (around the post), block, ernes, drop shots, dinks, and even penalties, like kitchen violations.

The cards themselves are slightly smaller than your normal deck of cards. They are also made of a different material (almost a plastic / slick feel).

Price Point: The card game is currently available on their website for $19.99!

Recommendation: If you’re looking to feed your pickleball addiction and can’t get out to the courts, or need a break from actually playing, this is a great way to have some fun, be competitive, and get your fix.

They advertise the game as being great for new players, given it helps them learn terminology, etc. I actually do think this is a great idea, although I wasn’t actually able to test that, seeing as I played with people who all played pickleball.

The cards themselves are durable, given the material and the rules are simple to understand. They do have a video on how to play on their website as well, should a new player need. I did think the game itself was fun and it was just cool to see the common pickleball terms on the cards.

I think this would make a good and unique gift for a veteran pickleball player, or even somebody wanting to learn more about the sport. It’s the only pickleball game out there!

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