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Pickleball Players Brand Apparel Review

Company Info: Pickleball Players Brand is a pickleball apparel company that is ran by a pickleball player in that of Bruce Wilkinson. He created the company, as a passionate player, to represent the entire pickleball community with high quality gear. Bruce personally searches for high end performance samples to create Pickleball Players Brand. They have both men’s and women’s gear ranging from performance shirts, to hoodies, to tank tops and even beanies. See their full collection and shop at

Item: We’re reviewing the Women’s Quick Dry Tank Top and the Men’s ultra lightweight Quick Dry Shirt – 2nd Series.

Description: The Men’s ultra lightweight quick dry shirt is the 2nd series comes in a variety of colors. We’ve got the orange and grey versions. The shirt itself features the Pickleball Players Brand logo on the left side of the chest, and down the left side of the bottom as well. The design has stripes on the chest and down the sides in a black or white accent color. These designs flow to the back of the shirt as well, really bringing it all together. The shirt also comes in a standard black or white main color as well. It’s a 90% polyester / 10% spandex blend.

The Women’s Quick Dry Tank Top comes in either all white or black. With that, the Pickleball Players Brand logo is featured in black or white on the front middle. The tank itself has breathable mesh in the shoulders / down the back. The logo is also featured small on the back at the top near the neckline. The material is stretchy and also runs true to size.

Price Point: Both items are listed on their website for $34.99.

Recommendation: Quality, quality, quality is the name of the game here. I’m incredibly impressed by the quality of both these items. The Men’s Quick Dry shirt is very similar to an Adidas Climacool shirt. I am a huge fan of these items and again, can't overstate the quality here. They are perfect for playing pickleball or even just working out or running. They do a great job of acting as both moisture wicking and breathable. Huge benefit, they are extremely comfortable as well. The fit is true to size.

The women’s tank is also very comfortable and similar to the men’s, it could easily be worn outside of the pickleball court for any other physical activity. It is very breathable.

Both items are super durable and aesthetically, they look great. The designs are striking, yet simple, and timeless. I really think they live up to the “performance” piece, as advertised.

All the items so far have held up great when washing / drying and there have been no signs of wear and tear, even after multiple sessions on the courts and at the gym.

I would highly recommend checking this brand out and am looking forward to seeing their future releases!

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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