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Pickleball Fetish PickClean Paddle Cleaner

Company Info: Pickleball Fetish is a pickleball company that features “funny, trendy and sleek” apparel and accessories all related to pickleball. They have a collection of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel as well as custom pickleball edge tape and other accessories. To see their full range of products and gear, check out

Item Name: Today, we are reviewing the PickClean Pickleball Paddle Cleaner.

Description: The PickClean Pickleball Paddle Cleaner is a round rubber paddle cleaner. It is the shape of a hockey puck and fits in the palm of your hand. The PickClean features their logo on one side, and is blank on the other. It does come in a box as far as packaging is concerned and can be stored there as well. It measures roughly 2.5 inches in diameter and is about an inch thick.

The item is designed to clean your paddle face both for function and also, to keep it looking new!

Per their website, this item is universally compatible as far as carbon fiber paddles are concerned.

Price Point: The PickClean Paddle Cleaner is available on their website and also on Amazon for $13 (currently on sale for $10!).

Recommendation: The PickClean paddle cleaner is very simple to use, yet is also super effective at doing its job. I used this on a paddle that had some evident debris stuck to it and within seconds it was looking brand new.

My main concern when using a paddle cleaner is whether or not it will damage the paddle. As far as my testing goes, it did no damage to my paddle and it left me with the same grit / touch as I had when I first started playing with it.

The item itself is a good size and the puck shape makes it easy to get the round edges of your paddle. It’s not heavy and requires very little effort to use.

I enjoyed the packaging and the item also comes wrapped as well for protection. The experience feels very high quality and the PickClean barely showed any signs of wear after cleaning both sides of my paddle. I think you could definitely use this for an extended period of time.

Aesthetically speaking, it’s great to be able to have my gear looking fresh and this did the job of renewing the life of my paddle! In my opinion, it’s an inexpensive option to not only clean your paddle, but also, to extend the life of its play. I would definitely recommend checking this out!

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