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Pello PXIII Pickleball Paddle and Professional Bag Review

Company Info: “Pello” is a pickleball company that sells pickleball products ranging from paddles to apparel and accessories as well. Pronounced “pel-low” the company was started in 2021, after their founder fell in love with the game by happenchance, but struggled to find a paddle to meet his standards (merging fun with competitive). Per their website “Pello comes from a Latin word, meaning to hit, drive. It’s the essence of the game. And our mindset. Driven by an unrelenting pursuit of improvement.” The company is based in TX and also gives back 5% of profits to charity. More on Pello, here:  

Paddle Name: Today, we are reviewing the “Pello PXIII Elongated Carbon Fiber” paddle and the “Pello Professional Pickleball Bag.”

Description: The paddle comes in 2 colors, and we are reviewing the “white and black version” today. The paddle itself features a dark braided carbon fiber face, with white grip tape, and a white edge guard. The paddle face graphic includes the Pello logo in white, paired with a white star in the middle in an ode to Texas. The paddle actually came with a cover case as well, which mimics the design with the star and logo as well. Additionally, the paddle includes the PXIII name along with the USA Pickleball approval logo.

The bag itself has padded backpack straps and also a hand grip for carrying a couple different ways. It is black in color with the Pello/Star branding on the side and top in a gray color. There are multiple compartments on the back, both for paddles, accessories, shoes, and even smaller pockets for valuables. The bag does have a hook as well, so you can hang it on the court fence, etc. In one compartment, there is a thermoguard lining, which will protect items from excessive heat (or work like a cooler perhaps?).

Play feel: I really enjoy both of these items. Also, both items seemed extremely high quality. I was not sure how I would like the elongated handle on the paddle, but found it to be really easy to adjust to and if you’re a player who uses two hands on your shots (backhand, dinks, etc.) this would definitely be a “go to” paddle for you. Let’s dive in a little deeper on the paddle.

The paddle plays really nice and you can tell it’s got a very large sweet spot. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this handle is no exception. The handle is thicker and longer than most than I have utilized so far. As stated above, it really did not take any time to get used to this and the grip itself is very comfortable. I do not typically utilize a two handed shot, and the handle was not awkward or too long without utilizing.

The paddle is on the heavier side, so it pops a lot of power in the shots (specifically I felt like the ball was flying off my paddle with an overhead put away). Given the 16MM and the carbon fiber, it pairs the power shots and soft touch very nicely. I thought drops and dinks were really easy to hit with this paddle. The paddle face itself does lack a little texture, but I think that’s personal preference depending on play style. In extended rally’s the paddle felt sturdy and after hours of play, I have seen no signs of wear on it.

I have utilized the bag with 4 paddles in one side, shoes in the bottom compartment, and then other items like water bottles, balls, and my keys/phone as well on the other side. There is plenty of space in the bag for all these items and more. I’ve worn the bag like a backpack and was really surprised at the padding on the straps. They make it really comfortable when wearing. My only request on the bag would be a small pocket on the top for when the bag was being hung up on the courts, other than that the bag is really great and is “top tier.”  

Price Point: The paddle is available on their website for $159.99 with the bag being $99.99.

Recommendation: After multiple games and hours of play with the paddle, I can confidently say this is a super high quality and performance paddle. I would really recommend this if you are looking to step up your game and move up in quality from a mid-tier paddle. The play is great for powerful shots and extended dinking rally’s. Again, if you utilize a two hand shot (maybe coming from a tennis background or just in general), this would be a GREAT paddle to utilize, given the extended handle.

On a personal level, I would likely use an overgrip on the handle. Again, this is at your own personal preference, but overall this paddle is ready to play and compete at a high level, fresh out of the box.

The designs of both items are nice and I like the logo / branding throughout. The price point is set to be competitive with the likes of your standard Selkirk and Joola paddles, and I think this is right up there with those in performance from my experience. I would say if you’re looking for more power, and utilize a two handed grip for any shot, this is a fantastic paddle to try out.

Dimensions: Pello advertises that their paddles are "molded at over 300°F under 100 tons of pressure using epoxy resin" whereas most are done at room temperature.

·         Paddle Face: 3k Braided Carbon Fiber

·         Weight: 8.5 oz

·         Length: 16.5"

·         Width: 7.25"

·         Grip Size: 4.25" Textured

·         Grip Length: 5 3/4" Grip for players who use 2 hands

·         Core Thickness: 16mm polypropylene for a larger sweet spot

USAPA Certified? YES

For full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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