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PBA Sport Cannon Review

Company Info: PBA Sport (Pickleball Addicts) is a pickleball company that offers a wide range of pickleball specific products. They’ve been around since 2023 and since then have dropped 2 paddles and in that of the Dinkmaster and the Cannon. They’re local to FL and you can find their products both on Amazon and on their website  

Paddle Name: The paddle we are reviewing today is the PBA Sport “Cannon” which is their latest release.

Description: The PBA Sport Cannon features a black and teal color combination. The paddle face surface is black, with a teal edge guard, handle, and graphics. The face artwork displays a large ¼ pickleball with the PBA logo and Cannon name at the top. The USA Pickleball Approved logo is at the base of the paddle face. The grip itself is teal as mentioned above, however, it also does feature the PBA logo in black to go along with the wrapping. The edge guard follows suit and displays the PBA logo in black as well.

The paddle itself features a carbon fused surface that has an additive bonding treatment. The core is a reactive honeycomb core with the frame being fully encased carbon. The edge wall is hyper foam. The paddle is a 16MM width. The grip itself has a tacky feel and does not feature any ridges.

The paddle also came with a travel case (teal in color) and additional overgrips.

Play feel: When initially picking up the paddle, the first thing I noticed was that the grip is very comfortable and had a slight tackiness it. The paddle itself feels lightweight, but sturdy when handling.

The paddle has held up great over the few weeks we have tested it out. There has been minimal signs of wear and tear after numerous games.

I continue to be impressed by the PBA paddle releases. The paddle feels great with both drives and softer shots. The sweet spot is rather large and this paddle took very minimal time to get used to. I am always a fan of the 16MM paddles and feel that this is no exception. The paddle face has texture,  but it’s not overbearing. It does allow for putting spin on the ball. I thought the ball had a nice “pop” off the paddle when serving and hitting drives.

Price Point: The paddle is available at the time of writing on Amazon for $119.99.

Recommendation: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed testing this paddle and am pleased with how well it has held up. The paddle has remained consistent with the sweet spot and again, there hasn’t really been any sign of wear and tear from playing.

The quality is evident when playing and I think you can transition to using this paddle regularly with minimal interruption to your game.

I like the fact that this comes with a travel bag, and I think it’s also a great add-on. While some people may prefer a paddle cover, I can see both sides of the spectrum there. The color combination is striking, yet not overbearing.

Overall, at this price point, I think this is a very good value (and durable) paddle that can stack up with the best of them.


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