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PB Armie Dinking Cap Pickleball Hat Review

Company Info: Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the widely popular “Dinking Cap” from PB Armie. PB Armie was founded in 2022 with the goal of solving common pickleball player issues with quality gear. The first of those is the Dinking Cap. They are based in VA and were founded by two Navy Veterans. Per their website, their mission is as follows: “Build a pickleball community by solving common issues for all levels of players by providing quality pickleball gear.”

They’ve been kind enough to give our readers 10% off their entire order!

Item: We’re reviewing the “Dinking Cap” which is the signature product from PB Armie.

Description: The dinking cap comes in two color choices currently, with that of “black/black” and then “grey/neon green.” We are taking a closer look at the “black/black” option.

Clearly, the hat is entirely black, even down to each part of the logo. The front features no design and is a classic / sleek look that could be worn outside of the courts as well. The back of the hat is ventilated with an adjustable snapback to get the perfect fit. The logo is featured small on the left front panel and also the back right panel. The logo placement is nondescript, and not overly bearing.

Per their website: “My Dinking Cap is made with a durable hydrophobic fabric to bead away water. This technical fabric is antimicrobial and prevents absorption of liquids making it resistant to salty sweat stains and odors.”

Price Point: The hat runs $29.90 on their website (see above for 10% off link!)

Recommendation: I’ve worn this hat for about a week now playing multiple hours in the Florida sun, and also just running around town. The hat is really breathable and assists greatly with the ability to see the ball better on sunny days or with lights on.

The other thing I have noticed is that the hat is true to its advertisement in that it resists showing sweat stains or water marks. I was most impressed by this fact and it is also another reason I took some extra time to give this a true review, to see how it held up over time. I can definitely say the hat is durable and continues to not show any signs of use or sweat stains on the exterior. There are only very minimal marks that can be seen on the brim of the hat underneath (cannot be seen when wearing).

The hat is a good combination of a performance hat, mixed with that of a classic and stylish look as well.

I would certainly recommend giving them a look and we’re excited to see what they’ve got cooking up next!

For full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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