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PAVĀO Apparel Review

Company Info: We’re taking a look today at a PAVĀO, which specializes in golf polo and athletic wear for men and women. Although, we’re a pickleball page, the “golf polo” is definitely making waves in the space currently, with many top players wearing them while playing. They have a full range of apparel, from polos, to hats, and hoodies/sweatshirts. Check them out at

Item: We’re reviewing the “Par-Tee” polo today.

Description: The “Par-Tee” polo is 88% polyester and 12% spandex. It is very stretchy and also is quick dry and moisture wicking. The shirt also offers UV protection as well.

The design is a floral pattern, mixed with solid block color triangles, in that of teal, salmon, and black. The logo is present on the button strip and also, in the interior. The floral pattern ranges from palm leaves to various flowers.

They have a variety of striking designs and colorful shirts as well.

Price Point: The polo is available on their website for $59.99.

Recommendation: We tested this polo out on a hot Florida day, and it held up well against the elements. I was most surprised by how comfortable this was, while playing pickle. I typically don’t think of a “polo” as being something to compete in, but these polos are essentially athletic-wear, with a collar.

They are true to their word with being “moisture wicking” and they really did feel very light when wearing in the heat. Also, given how stretchy the material is, you are able to comfortably play and not feel hindered by your clothes.

The other thing I like most about these polos, is the design. These designs are extremely eye-catching, and I am quite fond of their designs in general. These are sure to stand out on the courts and again, even though they are designated for “golf” they translated extremely well to the pickleball courts.

The quality on these is very high and they have held up well with washing and drying.

I would definitely recommend these, as something to rock while playing pickleball and even “out and about.” The designs are super stylish, and although these have an athletic-wear feel, they could easily be worn to nicer functions. The multi-purpose use is something I definitely enjoy and take note of!

Check them out for your next performance polo and for some stylish on court gear!

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