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Orca Pickleball Pi 40 and Pi 26 Pickleballs Review

Company Info: Orca Pickleball is a pickleball company who is dedicated to empowering players to reach their full potential. Their passionate about the game and bring that passion to the company. Their goal is to make a positive impact on the world through pickleball with their environmental initiatives. They currently have a line up of pickleball paddles and their new pickleballs. See more on them at   

Product Name: Today we are taking a closer look at the Orca Pi 40 Outdoor pickleballs and the Pi 26 indoor pickleballs.

Description: The pickleballs are a rotationally molded one-piece ball. This provides enhanced durability. For both, the holes are machine drilled for consistent and precise flight patterns. The Pi 40 features 40 holes and the Pi 26 features 26. These pickleballs are USA pickleball approved.

The Outdoor Pi 40 are a vibrant lime green color. They feature the Orca text and logo in black across the front.

The Indoor Pi 26 are more of a traditional yellow color. These also feature the Orca text and logo across the front.

These balls came in black packaging box, that had slots for each of the 6 balls. The box featured a magnetic clasp which allowed it to stay secured when closed.

Play feel: These pickleballs play like a fast tournament style ball. They colors have not faded and they’ve remained consistent over the course of play as well.

The outdoor pickleballs have held up great in the Florida heat. The big thing for me is the consistency. They play fast, however, they maintain a level of control as well, given how “true to course” they move. With that consistency, it allows for quick and powerful play, while being able to put spin on the ball, etc.

Price Point: Each of the balls (indoor or outdoor) come in a set of 6 and sell for $16.99 on their website.

Recommendation: These pickleballs have held up great over our testing period. The outdoor balls specifically have held up fantastic in the Florida heat. The balls themselves have maintained their shape and flight patterns. We also have not noticed any cracking or soft spots. Another thing I noticed was that the colors have not faded throughout play.

I like how these play and definitely gets you ready for tournament play with their speed and consistency. If you are drilling, it’s also great given you can get the same look time and time again.

My only request in the future would be to potentially have different quantity variations on their website outside of just 6.  

For me, it’s always great to be able to try a new product and switch it up. These pickleballs should definitely get a look for your next purchase or to be in your pickleball rotation.

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!

Outdoor Dimensions:

Diameter: 74mm (2.91in)

Weight:26G (.92oz)

Holes: 40 holes

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