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Official Pickleball Follow Up Review: Performance Polo!

Company Info: We’re super excited today to be bringing you a follow up review for Official Pickleball! To read our original review, click here.

Item: We’re taking a closer look at the OFFICIAL Pickleball Performance Polo Shirt.

Description: The polo is available in both Men’s and Women’s and also, available in a variety of colors. We’ve got the Teal Men’s polo to take a closer look at. The polo itself is teal in color, with grey accents around the sleeve openings and collar. It also features the Official Pickleball logo stitched over the left hand side of the chest.

The polo feels very soft to the touch, however, it’s a woven 100% polyester duotone fabric, which also means it feels durable as well. So far, it has held up great with washing and with activity as well.

The polo is also available in the classic Official Pickleball blue, and women’s cuts as well (pink, etc.).

Price Point: The polos are all listed on their website ( for $48!

Recommendation: Like our first review, again, I’m impressed with Official Pickleball’s ability to bring style and function together. This polo is great for being active, but also looks and feels good outside of the courts as well. The colors options are a good mix of “classic” and “vibrant.”

Additionally, a huge benefit here is just the overall quality. The material feels durable, while being comfortable to wear as well. I also just think these look great. The stitching of the logo adds to the quality and the collar is one that stays looking strong.

Overall, I’m always a fan of a “dual purpose” item. I really think you could rock this polo while playing, but then also wear this out and about. It doesn’t scream “this is a pickleball polo” which is something I think will have broad appeal. That said, it does hold up its statement of being a “performance” polo.

The polo has held up great in the FL heat and I’ll definitely be rocking it at our next event!

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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