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Maverix Havik-16 Paddle Review

Company Info: “Maverix Pickleball” is a new pickleball company based out of California. Born out of the love for the game from playing in the fire station, Maverix has recently dropped their first signature paddle. They also have some gear available as well. Check them out and read their full story / see their full product line up at

Paddle Name: Today we have both the Maverix Pickleball Havik - 16 Power and Havik - 16 Control

Description: From a looks perspective, both paddles have a black paddle face, with white handle. On one side of the paddle face, the “M” logo is featured, outlined in blue. On the opposite side, it features the “Maverix” name in blue down the middle. There are blue and white stripes at the base of the paddle face.

The big thing to note about these paddles, is that the shape is slightly different than your typical paddle, given the top portion is angled. Maverix calls this their “Hybrid Shape” and both paddles feature the exact same length, width, weight, grip length, grip circumference, etc. The top looks at the top portion of an octagon.

The USA Pickleball approval is present on the paddle face. The name is also available as well. The paddle features a black edge guard, which also has the “Maverix” name featured down the side, in white. The handle cap displays the "M" logo in black against the white grip.

Both paddles are 16MM and feature Torray T-700 carbon fiber.

Play feel:

Havik – 16 Control – The control paddle played very well and did not take long at all to get used to. Although it’s not advertised as the “power” paddle, I actually thought it had some really nice “pop” to it. This was very much an “all around” paddle for me. It had really nice control on dinking and was sturdy in resets. True to its name, the control of this paddle was great. The overall touch was very nice and I thought it was very quick to learn how it played and to find the sweet spot.

Havik – 16 Power – The main difference in the Power paddle, is that the construction style is thermoforming. This paddle is advertised as the one with more “explosive” shot ability. Holding both paddles side by side, you can definitely feel a difference in the “swing weight” – although both paddles weigh the same. After playing a number of games to “break in” or get used to the paddle, you can definitely tell that the pace with the Power paddle is increased. Specifically, serves felt extremely strong and so did drives. It did take a little more finesse on dinking, etc., however, I thought this paddle also had a lot of control really did not take much to get used to it. The sweet spot was true and rather large.

Both paddles felt very high quality and even the packaging gave a nice buying experience. There was a paddle cover included as well.

They both feature the same exterior, which was not really rough, but did feel similar to the Volair paddle. This allowed for good spin and traction on the ball. The grips have held up well. From a personal preference, I typically would use an overgrip for better grip (it’s hot in FL and our hands get sweaty).

Both paddles have held up very well after a month or so of testing and playing (even in the FL heat).

Price Point: Both paddles are available on their website for $179.95.

Recommendation: I’m quite fond of both of these paddles. In my opinion, I like the “control” paddle the best. I think ultimately, this is a really strong “all around” paddle.

Both paddles played very well and did not take long at all to transition from some of the well-known brands in the marketplace to playing with these.

From the looks perspective, I love the silhouette of these paddles and they are definitely a conversation starter. The paddle shape of these is very unique and sure to make you stand out at the courts. I like the blue, black, and white color combination. The branding throughout the paddle (handle cap, edge guard, etc.) elevates the appearance and quality feel. I just think these paddles have that “cool factor” but, can also bring a competitive edge in play at higher levels.

As stated above, these paddles have held up very well over the course of testing and have shown no signs of wear / tear to date.

These paddles are priced to compete in the market with the more advanced / premium paddles, and I do think that is appropriate. I see a lot of similarities in qualities with Maverix that I have seen in some of the top brands. I would definitely recommend giving them a look in the future. They’ve also been kind enough to give our readers a discount code, should you want to try them out!

Starting July 1, TopTier20 will get you 20% off retail and Freehat1 will get you a free hat with your paddle purchase, right now!


· Material: Toray T-700S Carbon Fiber

· Hitting Surface: Toray T-700S Raw Carbon Fiber

· Thickness: 16mm

· Core: Tetra-Core™ Polypropylene

· Dimensions: 16.5”L x 7.5”W

· Handle Length: 5.31”

· Handle Circumference: 4.25"

· Weight: 8.1-8.3oz


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