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LMNT Electrolyte Review

Company Info: We’re stoked today to be talking about LMNT. LMNT is a supplement brand that was created for athletes. The question came up, “how do you get more salt/electrolytes, while maintaining a low carb diet?” LMNT was formed from this question. Their supplements are added to water to assist in keeping people healthy and high performing. More on them here:

Item: We’re reviewing a sample pack, which contained one of each of their eight flavors.

Description: The LMNT electrolyte packet contains 1000 mg sodium, 200 mg potassium, 60 mg magnesium and no sugar. Each packet contains roughly 2G of carbs, is vean/paleo friendly, and contains no sugar or gluten. The flavors are as follows: mango chili, watermelon salt, citrus salt, orange salt, raspberry salt, chocolate salt, lemon habanero, and raw unflavored.

LMNT recommends utilizing these to kickstart your day, power your workouts, and support healthy fasting.

Personally, we do abide by a keto diet, along with intermittent fasting (16/8). I utilized these post workout typically to rehydrate and continue feeling good throughout the day.

At first, I did not add enough water to my drink and these were rather salty. The more water I had, I did think the “salty” flavor was actually quite tasty.

My favorite flavors were the watermelon, citrus, raspberry and chocolate salt. The chocolate salt almost tasted like eating a dark sea salt piece of candy, which was really surprising in the best way.

The two pepper based flavors were definitely unique and almost tasted like eating fruit with some tajin. The flavors were good, it was just odd at first to be drinking something that was ultimately a little spicy.

I really was not a huge fan of the “raw unflavored” as it tasted basically just like salt. I added some fresh lemon and lime juice to that one, and it ultimately did taste a lot better.

Price Point: A 30 count of each of these flavors is $45, but if you buy them on a re-order they are $39. You can also get a variety pack for $20.

Recommendation: If you do happen to abide by a keto, vegan, or gluten free diet and feel like you’re lacking energy, etc. either during workouts or throughout the day in general, I would recommend trying these out. I would recommend getting the variety pack first though, to see what flavor you like the best, as they are all different. From a personal preference, I do like the fruit flavors as well as the chocolate the best.

I really was fond of how flavorful these were, especially the fact that they had little to no carbs. It is definitely not the easiest to find products like this in the marketplace that aren’t completely terrible. In FL of all places, it’s already starting to get hot and humid, so I’m sweating a lot on the courts. These have been a huge help.

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