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Komodo Pickleballs Review

Company Info: We’re super excited today to be discussing some Komodo Pickleball pickleballs! Komodo offers a wide line up of pickleball products, from paddles and pickleballs, to clothing and even home court kits! Komodo is based out of Colorado, and they do the majority of their testing there, given it gives them a wide variety of weather to test in. They have recently released their outdoor USAPA approved pickleballs, which we will get into further detail later in this post. Find out more on them and their full product line at

Item: We’re reviewing the Komodo “K-40” Outdoor pickleballs!

Description: The K-40 pickleball is an outdoor ball, featuring 40 holes. The balls themselves are a vibrant green color, with the Komodo logo printed vs. branding that alters the same like other companies (think the Franklin “X” as an indent). The packaging is nice and comes with a set of 3 in a tube. Komodo pickleballs meet the USAPA/IFP/WPA regulations and are approved for sanctioned tournament play.

Price Point: Currently, a set of 3 runs $10.95 on their website. You can increase your quantity though and receive a bit of a discount on a price per ball basis.

Recommendation: I played with a set of 3 balls over the course of a week and with daily play, in FL conditions. The balls themselves are a very vibrant green as noted previously. After a week or so of daily play, they rarely lost any color and have held up very well. In comparison with some others, the balls held up better as far as keeping their color and general exterior feel under the same time frame (see Instagram post for side by side). The only thing we really noticed was that the Komodo logo itself faded after about a week.

The balls themselves play true (fly straight, have some pace) and I have yet to see any warping or cracking. Komodo advertises that you could play 3-10 games with each ball (in harsh conditions), but I think with rec play you could get even more than that out of them.

From a durability standpoint, I think these balls are high quality. Komodo offers a wide range of products, with some higher end paddles and I think the balls mimic that sentiment as well. Given the balls are USAPA approved, you as the player can have confidence in knowing that you can compete with them in tournament style play.

Overall, I’m really a fan of the overall color and how vibrant the balls have stayed over the course of play. You don’t feel as though you’re losing any quality after a while, given the color doesn’t fade as quickly as others. The price point is very competitive in the market place and I would definitely recommend checking them out for practice or at your clubs next event!

For full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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