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Kicks Grips Overgrip Review

Company Info: Kicks Grips is an overgrip company for both pickleball, tennis, and other racket sports. Born from a sneakerhead turned tennis player, their goal is to bring overgrips that feature iconic sneaker prints. They are a relatively new company based out of Chicago and they offer free shipping to all US customers. See more on them at  

Item: We have the Kicks Grips Overgrip (3-Pack) in both tacky and dry to review!

Description: The overgrips come in packs of 3 and can come in either “dry” or “tacky” for the material. Both the grips are black and grey and feature a pattern similar to the Air Jordan “elephant print.”

The grips also come in a plastic zip packaging that allow for storage and easy transporting in your pickleball or tennis bag.

Price Point: The 3 pack is $14.99 on their website for either tacky or dry.


Recommendation: The overgrips were easy to install and fit the pickleball paddle perfectly. There was plenty of length, but it not too much that I needed to cut any of it off.

I like the design and the grips themselves feel of strong quality. I’ve used the grips for a couple weeks now and I have not seen the pattern fade or start to peel off. I really like the design and I think it gives your paddle an added flair, without being overbearing. It also is cool to have an ode to classic sneakers on the paddle.

As far as the grips go, they function great and feel really comfortable. I am always more fond of a “tacky” grip and these feel similar to the Tourna Grips, but with more style.

So far, this is the first drop from Kicks Grips and I’m excited to see what further designs they come out with. I think there are a ton of possibilities here and we look forward to staying in touch with Kicks Grips!

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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