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jojo+lo pickleball apparel review

Company Info: “jojo+lo pickleball” is a female owned and operated pickleball company who sells clothing, apparel, and accessories. Their goal is to “change the image of pickleball, one graphic tee at a time.” They provide pickleball apparel, with flair. Currently, they have six different collection styles ranging from hipster, to retro, and flair to chill. They do have a partnership with the PPA, so if you’re at an event, go give them a look! You can find more on them and shop here:

Apparel: Today we are reviewing the Men’s “Pickle Crew” tee and the “Pickle RacerMesh” hat, both in the black with green lettering.

Description: Both items feature the “Pickle” graphic on the front, in an artistic font.

The hat does feature a Velcro back, which allows for an adjustable fit. The hat is lightweight and is moisture wicking as well. I really like the material of the hat and it does feel like a “performance” hat when playing.

The shirt also features the “jojo+lo pickleball” logo on the back (in white), which adds for a more complete look with additional branding as well. The shirt itself is very comfortable and fits great. The shirt is unisex and I thought it fit very well and true to size. The material is extremely soft and held up great win playing after multiple hours. I really enjoyed the look with the bold / artistic design on the front, with the more neutral colors. True to their goal, I did feel as though the shirt was contemporary enough to wear outside of the courts, but still specific enough to pickleball to rock it while playing as well.

They do have a wide assortment of other items from tanks and hoodies to pickelball accessories and gifts.

Price Point: Currently, the hat comes in at $28 with the shirt being $32. These prices are pretty standard in the marketplace.

Recommendation: I really did think both items were extremely comfortable and both felt of high quality. You can tell they put a lot of hard work into their branding and designs. The fonts they utilize on these shirts (and others) are visually appealing. For the price, you definitely get some high quality merch that you could wear on the courts, or even at the gym, etc. I’m excited to check them out in person at a PPA event!

For full photographs and unboxing video, check out our Instagram!

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