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Huron. SPF 30 Face Moisturizer Review

Company Info: We’re checking out some sunscreen today from Huron. Huron is a skincare company dedicated to offering products for Men. They were started by two “Matt’s” who teamed up to create some top notch products. They have a wide range of items, from skincare to shampoo and even candles. Their goal is to bring high performance products that smell great. Check out their full product line at

Item: We’ve got the SPF 30 Face Moisturizer!

Description: The item is a sunscreen / moisturizer built into one. It comes in a 2.7 OZ container that dispenses via a pump. The packaging and the container itself both look very high quality. It features the clean color scheme of white, navy, with a red accent.

The container itself is durable and travel friendly. The product is fragrance free and features a hyaluronic acid blend. The SPF 30 is designed to protect from UVA and UVB (aging and burning) rays.

Price Point: The SPF 30 face moisturizer is available on their website for $26. You can save on your purchase if you bundle as well!

Recommendation: Playing pickleball in FL right now, you definitely need sunscreen! This SPF 30 face moisturizer has been great to have and utilize before playing. The thing that I like most about it, is the container. It’s a solid cylinder that travels really well and doesn’t get damaged in my bag. Also, it has a cap along with the push dispenser, so it doesn’t leak.

The actual application of the sunscreen is easy and it goes on your skin well. Because it has the hyaluronic acid / peptide blend, it also doubles as a moisturizer, so your skin feels great after using. It does not dry out your skin or leave you feeling itchy.

There is no fragrance with the moisturizer, so it should appeal to everyone. I do wish they had an option with a scent perhaps!

It is great to be able to have a product that is “2 in 1” that can leave you feeling comfortable and confident you won’t get damage from the sun on your face. I would definitely recommend utilizing this prior to playing pickleball, or even just being outside in general. The product feels very high quality and I’m impressed by how well it works.

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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