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House Pickleball Paddle Review

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Company Info: “House was created by pickleball players from New York City with a vision to build the most stylish and accessible paddles the sport has ever seen.” You can find more on them here: Be sure to check out our Instagram for the full detailed pictures, etc. (

Paddle name: Today, we have the “Bread ‘n Butter” both green and white paddles.

Description: Both paddles feature a white edge guard with a white grip that is reminiscent of the Joola grips. The paddles are white and green, or green and white, depending on which you decide to purchase. Aesthetically, I am really fond of these paddles, with the two stripes going down the side with the logo embedded. They look really clean and we definitely think they are a stylish paddle out on the courts. We received multiple compliments in our first night playing with them!

From a strictly personal preference standpoint, we would like to see some more color ways and potentially their logo on the paddle handle cap as well.

Play feel: I was pleasantly surprised by the play feel of this paddle. The paddle has a very comfortable grip and was lightweight when playing. The paddle face does have some texture as well, although not as much as others we have utilized. Out of 10 I would give it a 5/10 on the texture scale. The biggest thing I noticed when playing was the large sweet spot and “pop” that these paddles had. I was impressed by the power and also the control I had with these. Driving shots felt strong and again, the lightweight paddle paired with the sweet spot made for an enjoyable experience while playing. The only downside I noticed was that the paddle handle was slightly smaller than others I had utilized, however, this was a non-issue.

Price Point: At of the time of writing, these paddles are available in a bundle, 2 for $120, which includes 3 free balls. If you buy separately, they are $75 each.

Recommendation: These are great “step up” paddles for beginners and intermediate players alike. They are well constructed and seem very durable from our play so far. Additionally, the sweet spot forgiving and the stock grips are great. For the money, while these are on sale, the bundle is a good deal as well, to get a more quality paddle set than that of your base wood or lower end Amazon finds. I would definitely recommend adding these to your collection as they are super stylish, and well built.

Dimensions: These paddles have a single body construction with a carbon fiber face.

Length: 15.5" Width: 7.8" Thickness: .5" PolyCore Thickness: .38" Weight: 7.75oz / 220g


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