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Hesacore Tour Grip Review

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Company Info: On today’s blog post, we’ll be reviewing the Hesacore grip. The Hesacore grip targets not only pickleball, but tennis, padel, and beach tennis as well. Per their website, “Hesacore is an innovative handle, designed with a hexagonal squared shape capable of fitting perfectly in the handle of the racket. Its design has been ergonomically studied to ensure the most effective grip with the hand, greater power to hit the ball and total control in each phase of the game, relieving fatigue.” Find out more on them and their patents, etc. at

Accessory: Hesacore sent us their standard pickleball grip in that of the “Hesacore Tour Grip” to test out.

Description: The “Tour Grip” is a white grip that would be placed on the paddle/raquet handle. The grip features a series of concave hexagons like a honeycomb. The material itself is silicon. The grip comes in two sizes (small or medium). The dimensions are as follows:

Size Small

Length: 5 1/4 inches

Weight: 0.53 ounces

Size Medium

Length: 5 1/4 inches

Weight: 0.56 ounces

The hexagons are designed to be more ergonomically fit for the hand to rest on. Per their website, they will also have a grip coming soon that will be in a darker color as well.

Price Point: Currently, grip runs at $24.90 on their website.

Recommendation: I played with the grip for numerous hours in doing this review. The grip held up very well and is clearly very durable. I do think that the grip is comfortable and fits the “ergonomic” aspect of what Hesacore is attempting to accomplish. With the larger hexagons aligned, you can feel the additional grip support. The grip feels nice when playing and the installation was a painless process (they have a tutorial on their website, as well as step by step instructions in the packaging). For the purpose of this review, I did not wrap any additional tape over the grip, as I wanted a true feel for the grip itself.

I will say, given the product is so unique, it did take a minute to get used to playing with it on the handle. However, after a few games with this grip, I did feel a lot more comfortable and I could tell there was less vibrations throughout extended rally play.

I utilized this grip on the Rad Retro Ripper, which I feel like has a pretty good touch, even without the grip. I think if you utilized a stiffer paddle (Gearbox, Power Air, etc.) you could feel even further benefits as far as vibration goes.

The only downside I really noticed was that with the white grip, I could see this potentially getting dirty quicker than a darker grip (they will be coming out with a “Carbon” one in the future). Again, I also did not wrap any other grip tape over this grip, as I wanted to test this at face value.

If you struggle with sweaty palms, arm fatigue, hand soreness, or are just looking for a comfortable grip, I would recommend taking a look at these!

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