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Harrigan Sports 11:11 Pickleball Paddle Review

Company Info: Harrigan Sports is a pickleball company that specializes in paddles and other pickleball accessories. They are all about bringing positivity to the community, with honest play and celebrating all skills. Harrigan Sports products are “crafted with quality and care” with their focus also being on sportsmanship and shining, regardless of your skill level. They have been around since 2023. Check them out at

Item: Today we are taking a closer work at the 11:11 Graphite Surface 20MM Core Pickleball Paddle in red.

Description: The Harrigan Sports 11:11 pickleball paddle is a 20MM graphite surface. It comes in multiple colors, however, today we have the red version. The paddle itself is black, with red checkered graphic that spans diagonally across the paddle. This checkered graphic slowly fades to dark red at the top of the paddle. The Harrigan logo “H” is present and very large in the center of the paddle, in a silver color. This “H” logo also displays the “Harrigan” wording at the top right, in white. The “11:11” paddle name is at the top left in a white outline. The edges of the paddle are black and feature the Harrigan text and logo in white vertically. The USA Pickleball Approved logo is at the base of the paddle, in white. The grip is white and contains ridges, similar to the Joola grip. It also features the Harrigan text etched in the grip tape. The handle cap is black, and also displays the logo in white.

The paddle itself does not contain an edge guard. The paddle is distinct in that it has an open throat, similar to the Selkirk signature paddles. The paddle features a carbon graphite surface. The core is a polymer core and again, is one of the thicker paddles on the market, at 20MM.

The 11:11: represents “Love & Kindness” per Harrigan.

Play Feel: The first thing I noticed about this paddle was the texture. The carbon graphite paddle surface definitely allows for a lot of spin on the ball, and even running your hand across it, you can feel just how gritty it is.

Being that this is a 20MM paddle, I think the control is definitely very good here. I thought it was very easy to dink and reset and the sweet spot was pretty true to the “H” logo on the paddle. It allows your shots to be very precise. I do think you lose a bit of power with this, although it is nothing too noticeable or game changing.

The paddle feels a little on the top heavy side, yet it feels very quick in your hand given the open throat design.

As far as the paddle itself is concerned, it feels very sturdy and holds strong in fire fights and against strong shots.

There was little to no learning curve when playing with this paddle. I think you can play with this right away and not lose a step.

Price Point: The paddle sells for $119.00 on their website.

Recommendation: This paddle stands out for a few different reasons. I think the design and style is very eye catching both with the color scheme (black, red, and silver) along with it being open throat. I think it is definitely a head turner (in a good way)! I like the overall branding throughout the paddle, from the edges including the name, to the logo being repeated on the handle cap. I think this all elevates the overall look and quality appearance.

The paddle came with an eraser and some Harrigan stickers. I do wish it came with a paddle cover, or in a box when shipping, for added protection.

The grip is not sticky or tacky, yet it was very good at being sweat resistant. The ridges held up well over playing and there was little to no signs of wear and tear after our testing period. The graphic has even remained on the paddle face, which I am honestly surprised about, given how textured it is.

I think this is a very high quality paddle that is priced well below some of the top in the market. I think for an intermediate and advanced player, or a beginner looking to invest in a higher quality paddle, this would be a great option. The paddle comes in different colors as well and it will be exciting to see what Harrigan brings in the future!

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!


-        Width: 7.5 inches

-        Length: 15.6 inches

-        Average weight: 8.3 oz

-        Grip Length: 4.3 inches

-        Width: 20MM

-        USA Pickleball approved: Yes

-        Polymer Core

-        Ox Forged handle


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