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Halftime Chiller Cooler Review

Company Info: Halftime Chiller is company that specializes in their unique cooler. They have a wide range different chillers, all similar, with a different logo. They also have some merchandise and apparel with their HC logo available as well. You can find their products on their website ( or Amazon!

Item: We’ve got the original Halftime Chiller to review.

Description: The Halftime Chiller is a rolling cooler, which is shaped like a wooden whiskey barrel. It has wheels and an adjustable handle as well. The cooler doubles as a chair and is a standard stool height. The bottom of the “barrel” is the cooler section and you can open the barrel and put up to 24 cans and ice. The cooler latches and then the top portion is an area that can remain dry for your valuable items like phone, keys, etc. There is a mesh back pocket near the handle, so that you can put other larger items, like your pickleball paddle, towels, etc.

Price Point: The chiller is available online for $119.99 on their website.

Recommendation: The first thing I will say about the chiller, is that it is VERY cool looking. I took this to a tournament (didn’t have to bring a chair), and it was definitely a conversation starter. We had multiple people come up to us and ask where we had got it, or even just what it was.

It’s very convenient to use as a cooler, given the wheels. It rolls very easily and even with multiple drinks / ice, it doesn’t feel heavy when rolling. On the flip side, with all the drinks I had, it would have been quite heavy to carry a normal cooler.

The top portion was great to store my phone and keys without having to worry about them getting wet, etc. Also, on the top portion, it can be used as a seat, and even has a small cushion for comfort.

You can fit a lot of drinks in the bottom and the capacity is very good. The only real downside I have about the cooler, is that it definitely doesn’t seem to hold ice as long as some of the top cooler brands. That said, it still served its purpose for a few hours.

Overall, I really like the design and love the added functionality of this cooler. There are so many different ways to use it and I will definitely be bringing it to more tournaments and even to the beach!

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