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Grizzlee Gripz Tacky Grip Spray Review

Company Info: We’re back with a follow up review for Grizzlee Gripz! To see our prior review and company information, click here ! 

Product Name: Today we have a follow up review with the newest product from Grizzlee Gripz, in that of the Grizzlee Gripz Tacky Grip Spray.

Description: The Grizzlee Gripz Tacky Grip Spray comes in a 2 ounce spray bottle. The bottle features the GG logo on the front with the instructions and descriptions on the back.

The spray is made of a mixture of distilled water, pure pine tree rosin, peppermint oil, etc.

The instructions to properly use are as follows:

  1. Give the spray bottle a good 10-15 second shake. This will make sure the formula is accurate and sprays evenly.

  2. Make sure the surface you want to apply the spray to is clean and dry.

  3.  Hold the spray bottle 6-8 inches away from your new Grizzlee Gripz Overgrip surface and apply 3-5 spritz, should be an even coat. Can apply additional sprays if needed.

  4. Allow the spray to dry for around 10 seconds, until it becomes slightly tacky to the touch. 

  5. Once dry, the surface will have a grippy, textured feel that helps prevent slipping and provide a more confident hold. will start to activate with friction as you hold it or move it in your hand.

The Tacky Grip Spray is intended to assist with grip strength by making your paddle grip extra tacky.

Play feel: I used the spray on the Grizzlee Gripz overgrips and it worked fantastic. I used 2-3 sprays on either side of the handle. The spray combined with the overgrip was a great combination.

When using the spray, it really did assist with making the overgrip extra tacky and made it easier to hold. The spray itself has a slight mint smell, which is nice. When using this over the course of a few hours in the Florida heat and humidity, I did not have to reapply and the paddle handle remained easy to hold/control.

Another way I used the spray was at the gym. I simply sprayed a few times on the palm of my hands and then this helped with my grip and control while lifting, etc.

Price Point: The Tacky Grip Spray is $15.00 on their website (

Recommendation: I am thoroughly surprised with how well this product worked and how much assistance it provided. I’m always a fan of a stickier overgrip, however, even after some time with heavy sweat or in humid conditions, it seems like the paddle will become slippery.

This spray comes in handy for that exact reason. The fragrance is quite nice and it lasted quite a long time. For only using 2-3 sprays for either side, I think the bottle would definitely last for awhile. Another thing I noticed was that it did not leave any sticky residue leftover that would transfer to other items. For example, I sprayed on my hands, and although they had the tackiness, I didn’t notice any carryover to my phone, etc. when using.

Another thing I was a fan of was the multi-use purpose ability with the spray. Obviously, you can use this one the pickleball courts, however, you can also use at the gym, or for other sports as well to assist with your grip in humid/wet conditions.  

The Grizzlee Gripz Tacky Grip Spray has definitely been a game changer and is something I’m going to continue having in my gym/pickleball bag! The price point is great and I also think this will help extend paddle life by avoiding risk of dropping or having it slip out of your hands and also not having the overgrip sliding/becoming damaged.

Well done, Grizzlee Gripz! I’m excited to see what they roll out in the future.

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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