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Grizzlee Gripz Pro Tour Grip Review

Company Info: Grizzlee Gripz is a company based out of Wyoming who offers grip products for pickleball, tennis, badminton and squash. They specialize in providing overgrips that are designed for “superior grip and comfort.” They are committed to providing eco-friendly options, which is setting new industry standards. They have pickleball specific apparel and grips on their website. Find out more on them at  

Item Name: Today we are taking a closer look at the Pro Tour Gripz (3 pk).  

Description: The Pro Tour Gripz come in a pack of 3 and in a variety of colors (blue, black, white, yellow, pink, etc.). The three grips come in a soft plastic case, which can zip up for storage. The grips are .7 MM and are designed with the highest tackiness available. Each grip features a black sticky piece to secure the grip. This piece features the Grizzlee Gripz logo in white. The grips themselves do not feature any additional branding or markings, outside of their color.

Play feel: The Grizzlee Gripz were very easy to install and were a great length for the pickleball paddle. I have tested for a few weeks now in the Florida heat, and they have held up great. The colors have not faded and there has been no color transfer to my hands or my pickleball bag, etc.

The over grips added a level of comfort to the stock paddle grip, without really changing the width. The big thing is that the grips feature a great deal of tackiness to the touch. It makes handling and gripping the paddle much easier when you start to sweat.

Price Point: The Pro Tour Gripz (3 pk) are available for $7.99 per pack on their website.

Recommendation: I am thoroughly impressed by the Grizzlee Gripz for a number of reasons. For somebody who sweats a lot (that Florida heat is no joke), these are fantastic. They stay with the sticky feel and hold up great when they absorb moisture.

Additionally, even with the heat and sweat, the grips have held up really well. They have not shown any signs of wear and tear to this point. They have also stayed on the paddle really well. The quality is evident here.

They come in a variety of colors, so they can really fit any style you would prefer or match whatever paddle you have.

The price point is in line with the market and I think these can compete with the top brands in the space. They also have apparel, which we will attempt to review in the future!

If you’re looking to add comfort and grip to your current paddle handle, I would definitely recommend giving Grizzlee Gripz a look!

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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