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Gaba Rogue Paddle Review

Company Info: “Gaba” is a pickleball paddle company based out of South Carolina. They have recently dropped their first premium paddle, in that of the Gaba “Rogue.” Each of their paddles are backed by a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty. To see more about them and check out their paddle, visit their website at

Paddle Name: Today, we are reviewing the “Rogue” paddle by Gaba.

Description: The paddle features a red and black color scheme. The grip and paddle face are predominantly black. The paddle has a bright red edge guard (which also features the Gaba logo in black). The paddle face has red accents for the “Rogue” name and then the Gaba logo. There is a slightly lighter color that goes across the whole paddle face, which is the G logo, which is a cool touch as well.

This paddle is made from the T700 raw carbon fiber and features an elongated handle. The paddle face itself is also elongated, meaning it’s slightly narrower. This particular paddle is 16mm, which is our personal favorite. It does feature an edge guard as mentioned above. The paddle also came with a paddle face cover, which was also in the signature red and black color scheme.

Play feel: The paddle felt really high quality when playing and was very sturdy/durable as well.

The elongated handle makes it easier to utilize a two-handed backhand and also adds some length to hit over head shots as well. If you are somebody who utilizes a two-handed backhand for drives or dinks, a paddle with an elongated handle is definitely the way to go.

The paddle held up very well in longer dink rallies and hand battles. It does have a relatively large sweet spot, but the thing to keep in mind, is that the paddle is a little narrower than others on the market. It took a couple games to get used to this, but that happens with any new paddle. I thought the sweet spot was very solid and did not take long to be comfortable playing with the Rogue.

The paddle face is not overly rough, but it definitely has good texture. I would compare the texture to that of a Joola or Volair paddle. It will allow you to put a good amount of spin on the ball, while keeping your shots controlled.

I thought this paddle had a really good mix of power and control. Like I said before, the 16mm is my personal preference and this paddle was right in my wheelhouse. It has the carbon fiber for strong drives, but then the touch for dinking as well.

On a personal level, I would utilize an overgrip for this particular paddle. I thought that the grip could potentially get a little slick after longer games and after sweating. Again though, this is a personal preference and I say that about most paddles. The handle itself is comfortable when handling and the paddle is relatively light.

Price Point: The paddle is available on their website for $174.99.

Recommendation: We played with this paddle for a couple weeks and I definitely think this is a very high-quality and top level paddle. I would consider this paddle an “advanced” paddle for those who are looking to step up their game. Another really great thing about Gaba is the packaging. It seems small, but we were really impressed with how this item shipped. It had a very nice box that kept the paddle secure and safe through travel (this is so important when you’re spending $150 on a paddle!). It made the overall buying experience feel just as high quality as the paddle.

I do plan on changing the grip as stated above, but the paddle is essentially “ready to play.”

Aesthetically, I think the black and red is sharp and I really like the branding throughout. You’ve got the Gaba logo on the handle cap, the edge guard, and then even the oversized logo on the paddle face a well. It gives the paddle a “complete” feel when looking at it.

At the price point, I do think this paddle can hang with some of the more established brands in the market. So far the paddle has held up great and we can confirm it is durable. As this has the elongated handle, I would definitely recommend if you’re a player who utilizes the two-handed backhand shot. Give them a look and stay tuned for their upcoming product drops!


· Handle Length: 5.5"

· Paddle Dimensions: 16.5" X 7.5"

· Handle Circumference: 4.3"

· Weight: 7.75 oz (+-0.2oz)

· Core: 16mm Honeycomb Polypropylene

· USAPA Certified? YES


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