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Element 6 Shot Eraser Review

Company Info: We are reviewing an important accessory from Element 6 Pickleball. Element 6 is a pickleball product company specializing in paddles and paddle accessories. They are a family owned and operated company, founded by two brothers with a background in competitive table tennis. Their goal is to bring quality, high performance, and long lasting paddles to the market that are competitively priced. To read more on them and shop their product line, see here:

Item: We will be reviewing the “shot eraser” today.

Description: The shot eraser is exactly that. This is a small hand held item that can be used to clean the surface of your carbon fiber paddle. Given the texture of carbon fiber, when you hit the pickleball, naturally some of the ball gets transferred to the paddle face. Per their description, this shot eraser can be used to assist in making the paddle look newer again, while allowing it to play longer as well.

Price Point: The shot eraser is available on their website for $9.95.

Recommendation: I utilized this item on the Volair Mach 1 pickleball paddle. The eraser did work pretty well and took a lot of the built up plastic from the pickleballs. It was easy enough to use and the total process took a minute or less. The paddle clearly looks newer after using.

The item itself was almost “sticky” when taking it out of the package. I’m not sure how storage would be on it, but I would likely put back in a plastic bag if utilizing in your pickleball bag. My recommendation would be to have a little instruction note with this as far as storage is concerned.

Overall, for the price point of essentially 10 dollars, this has definitely made my paddle look newer already. It didn’t affect any of the surface negatively either, which was something I was concerned about. Check this out if you’re looking to keep your expensive carbon fiber paddle looking new!

For full photographs (and a before / after), check out our Instagram!

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