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DrillPickle Decal and Soft/Quiet Pickleballs Review

Company Info: DrillPickle is a pickleball company that specializes in pickleball practice and training items. They assemble all of their products in the USA and ship out of IL. They’ve been around since the beginning of 2013 and have a wide range of products you can use at your house to train piclkeball when you can’t make it to the courts! Their focus is to allow you to drill from anywhere! See their full line up of items at

Item: We have the DrillPickle Decal and the DrillPickle Soft and Quiet practice pickleballs.

Description: The Soft and Quiet pickleballs come in a pack of 2. These are the same size and weight as a normal pickleball, but are made of foam material. You are able to practice against any wall without causing damage or making much noise. The balls themselves are an aqua color, with black hole marks to mimic a normal pickleball. 

The DrillPickle Decal allows you to turn any wall into a practice wall/rebounder. This is an adhesive vinyl sheet that sticks to the wall of your choosing (we set ours up in the garage). It also includes a squeegee applicator to assist in getting it applied perfectly. We also received a kitchen line reference marker and tape measure as well.

The DrillPickle decal is primarily black in color, and rectangular in shape. It features the DrillPickle logo at the top and the bottom has the white net line to appear as the net. There are also 3 targets that run just above the net decal, so that you can practice your accuracy.

The item measures 36” wide by 48” high.

Price Point: The DrillPickle Decal is available on their website for $69.99. The Soft and Quiet practice pickleballs are on sale for $15.00.

Recommendation: I am a huge fan of the DrillPickle items. I have paired the soft and quiet practice pickleballs with the decal so that I can practice in the garage when it’s raining, nobody is playing (does that happen?) or I don’t have times to go to the courts.

Convenience is massive here and I think these products allow you to continue to level up your pickleball game on your own time. Along with convenience, the lack of noise is also really positive. Being able to hit the pickleballs against your wall without causing a huge amount of noise or damaging the wall is great. Thus far, I’ve seen no signs of damage to either the drywall, or the soft and quiet pickleballs. They have held up great.

The application of the decal was very easy and I thought it was great that they include the kitchen line marker/reference point as well as a tape measure. They have really thought of everything when putting their package together.

I would highly recommend checking out DrillPickle for your “at home” training products. You’ll be able to develop the muscle memory / hand eye coordination on your own time and…quietly!

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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