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Doubletake Parisii Tote Review

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Company Info: Doubletake is a company focused on providing functional tennis and pickleball bags. Their goal is create products where “sport meets style.” They currently have a wide lineup of both tennis and pickleball bags, while also having accessories available as well. For the purpose of this review, we’re focusing specifically on their “pickleball” branch! For pickleball, they have backpacks, duffels, totes, and even jewelry! Shop their full collection here:

Item: We’ve got the “Parisii Two-in-one Tennis & Pickleball Tote” today.

Description: The Parisii Two-in-one tote comes in a variety of colors, but we’ve got the Navy and Lemon Lime colorway to have a first-hand look at. The tote itself is navy in color, with a grey bottom and grey carrying handle. There is a zipper on the outside, which features a compartment for your phone, and another at the bottom, where you could store your shoes.

The zipper is a lime green color, which really makes the bag stand out and gives it some flash. The entire bag zips for protection of the items inside. The interior features numerous pockets and compartments, with some zipping and others not. The interior has the doubletake logo featured across the entire area multiple times.

There is a pocket that has a fuzzy interior for sunglasses or your phone to ensure they don’t get scratched. There’s also a wet-dry compartment available, which would be great for towels or shoes.

Obviously, there is space for your paddles in the bag as well!

Price Point: The tote is listed for $164 on their website.

Recommendation: The “Parisii Two-in-one Tennis & Pickleball Tote” is extremely high quality. The quality is the first thing I noticed about the bag. It’s extremely sturdy and you can tell the materials are top notch.

The biggest thing I like about the bag, is the functionality. Not only is there space for everything in this tote, but there are so many pockets and compartments, it’s perfect to keep everything organized. When playing pickleball, going to the gym, or even just running errands, a big thing for me is being able to easily find my items, and also, making sure they are protected. This bag is ideal for all of those things.

The attention to detail is huge here and the compartments and pockets are perfectly sized for whatever items you would be bringing to the court!

The tote itself doesn’t scream “this is a pickleball bag” to me, which is something I do enjoy. You could definitely use the bag for a variety of different functions or events. I really like the multi-purpose ability here.

The bag has held up really well in the Florida heat and has shown no signs of wear and tear thus far. I do wish the bag had a clip to attach to the fence at courts, however, they do offer others and I like the fact that the bag stands up on its own. I am really impressed.

This Doubletake tote is an extremely high quality and highly functional bag that you should definitely check out for your pickleball gear!

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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