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DIRT Product Group Gel and Tape Review

Company Info: DIRT Product Group is a company that specializes in recovery/fitness products and athletic gear for athletes of all sport types. Their website promotes health and wellness, with the goal to help any athlete reach their full potential with the DIRT Products to assist. They have a variety of products, from gels, to tape, and even ice packs coming soon. They are currently sponsors for the PPA tour. You can catch athletes like Austin Tchikatilov and Nate Matthews rocking the Dirt product line. More on them here:

Item: We’ve got the DIRT Gel and DIRT Tape to review.

Description: The DIRT Gel is a pain relieving gel that comes in a 3.0 oz bottle. The product is American made and has items like activated charcoal as the ingredients. The color of the gel itself is grey and it has a nice / clean smell to it. It definitely does not have a heavy smell like IcyHot. The product is made to assist with sore muscles or joint pain and is topical in use.

The DIRT Tape is black with the DIRT logo present in grey. The DIRT tape is KT (kinesiology therapeutic) tape for those who are familiar. The tape goes on your body for relief and to help muscle endurance. You can apply the tape directly to your skin and you do not need any other product to put down first. They have a full tutorial on their website, should you need.

Price Point: The gel is currently priced at $16.95 on their website with the tape being $20.95. You can also bundle items and receive a discount.

Recommendation: I utilized both of these products at a local tournament over the weekend. Specifically, I used the gel for some back pain and the tape for some ankle problems. The tape was really easy to use and apply. It also held up really well over the course of a number of hours of play. Even with sweat, it did not lose the adhesive and I was impressed by the quality. It helped add some stability to my ankle, while also providing some pain relief as well.

The gel worked great and it also absorbed quickly when rubbing it in. I did notice almost immediate relief from the gel. I was most impressed by how quickly it worked and also, that it did not come with having a very strong smell like other brands. The gel held up over a number of games and I did reapply after about the 3rd match for some added benefit.

Both of these items worked exactly as intended and I even ended up winning the tournament (coincidence? You be the judge).

I will definitely be adding these to my pre-workout or pre-game routine. I’m excited to see what their ice packs will have to offer in the future. If you are looking for some pain relief or recovery assistance, these are two products I would recommend checking out!

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