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dinkz Pickleball Apparel Review

Company Info: Today we will be reviewing some “dinkz Apparel” products! dinkz is a family owned and operated business based on the east coast. After falling in love with the “community” aspect of pickleball, they started the dinkz brand for gear you can rock on the court, or even just casually around the house. Give them a shout next time you’re in the NC area, as they also are present at a lot of tournaments nearby. They currently offer pickleball apparel for both men and women, while offering some pickleball accessories as well! See more from them here:

Item: We’re reviewing the “Performance Shorts” and the “Long Sleeve T-shirt.”

Description: Both items are black and feature the dinkz logo. They do offer other colors in both items (white for the shorts and also, white/navy on the shirt). The shirt is a moisture wicking combination and is really soft/comfortable when wearing. The shirt held up great during a long workout and washed well.

I really liked the shorts and did feel as though they are true “performance” shorts. The shorts themselves do have pockets, and even a back pouch pocket, which is great for running/working out. They also feature a towel loop as well. The shorts are stretchy which is great for being active, given the wide range of motion you will have. I did find that the logo on the shorts did start to fade a little bit after a wash, which was disappointing. This is just something I would watch out for and if you happen to go with these, I would probably not dry them.

Price Point: The shorts are currently priced at $35, with the shirt being $30 on their website.

Recommendation: As far as “feel” goes, I thought both items were really comfortable and felt good to work out or play pickleball in, given the material and sizing. I like their logo and the brand name clearly fits well in the pickleball space. The overall “style” is also one that I’m happy with and felt comfortable when wearing, even off the pickleball courts.

My only downside was the shorts small logo issue, but I’ve informed them of such and they are looking into this matter.

This is a newer brand and overall I am pleased by their first drop. Even down to the packaging, they’ve got their logo and branding represented, which made for a “complete” buying experience. I’m excited to see what they will come out with next.

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