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Day Dinkers Club Merch Review

Company Info: “Day Dinkers Club” is an apparel company that specializes in “a fresh take on pickleball threads and accessories.” This company is family owned and operated by a former tennis player, turned pickleball fanatic (we converted another one)! They have a wide variety of clothing and accessories, all featuring fresh designs, pun filled slogans, or their DDC logo. You can find more information and shop them here:

They have been kind enough to give our readers and followers 30%, YES, 30% off their purchase! Use code TOPTIER30 when shopping.

Apparel: We are reviewing the “Naples” tee, along with the “DDC Signature” trucker hat.

Description: The “Naples” tee features a pickleball logo across the center, with palm trees silhouetted throughout. The tee itself is super soft and is fitted as well, not your standard basic tee. They have a number of ways to customize the shirt as well, with numerous color options to pick from. The shirt also includes the DDC logo on the sleeve as well, which gives an added branding to make the shirt feel even There’s something for everybody on this website. They also have a lot of quirky and pickleball pun related sayings on their merch, in addition to their standard logo (“Big Dink Energy” is another favorite of ours)!

The “DDC Signature” trucker hat is also available in numerous colors. The Day Dinkers Club logo is stitched on the hat, which gives a high feeling of quality. This hat could be worn either on the courts or off them as well, as it is stylish and not strictly a “performance” hat.

DDC is also sported on the courts by pro players such as their brand ambassador, Andre Mick!

Price Point: The DDC offers very affordable items, especially given the quality. The “Naples” tee and “DDC Signature” trucker hat both sit at $28. Remember, you can get 30% off using code TOPTIER30, which makes the items even more affordable!

Recommendation: This is a great brand, given the ability to choose so many different merchandise colors with each item. The pickleball specific items seem endless (in a good way) and they are even offering paddle covers now as well. I like how the shirts are high quality and do not just feature the one graphic on the front (sleeve logo addition). They have a good mix of funny designs paired with their logo, which initially drew us to the brand. They have a very wide variety of products in the apparel category, from men’s, women’s and even children! In here, they also have polos, sweats, and other items too, not just tees!

If you’re looking for a wide variety of apparel and merc specific to pickleball, this is a great brand to check out. We can also confirm that the items you’ll receive are good quality as well! Thank you, Day Dinkers Club for the opportunity to review some merch, Dink On!

For full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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