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Custom Pickleball Bands Review

Company Info: Custom Pickleball Bands is a pickleball company based out of Utah. They started in 2023 with the mission of allowing players to be unique with providing a stylized and personal grip band. They offer 100% satisfaction with all of their purchases. They offer grip bands that are customizable or with graphics on them. To see their full product offering, check them out at 

Product Name: Today we will be reviewing the customizable pickleball bands.

Description: The Custom Pickleball Bands come in 15 different colors, allow for 3 different font options and 2 text color options.

The band colors are as follows: polar blue, tangerine orange, dark purple, sunny yellow, jet black, graphite grey, emerald green, rose pink, crimson red, diamond white, aqua turquoise, vibrant red, hot pink, flamingo pink, and violet purple.

You can choose white or black for the text color.

The bands allow for up to 15 characters and allow you to put text on both the front and back.

The allowable fonts are as follows: Cascadia code, shadows into light two, or arial.

We got ours to say “Top Tier”!

Price Point: The customizable bands are currently on sale on their website for $9.99 each.

Recommendation: I think these bands are a great additional way to make your paddle stand out and be recognizable. These are cost effective and have a vast amount of options to match your paddle or bring a pop of color.

For safety reasons I think there is a huge benefit to these when using the paddle rack system, etc. I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen the exact same paddle on the rack. This allows you to differentiate your paddle not only with the colorful band, but also with your name, phone number, etc.

Another thing I will say is that typically I see a fair amount of “lag time” on customizable products. Custom Pickleball Bands was very quick in sending out the product from the time of order.

Initially I thought it was a little difficult to put the first one on the paddle, however, after the first time, it was much easier.

Once placed on the paddle, they stayed true to form and the letters are easily visible. The colors have not faded or bled with sweat / humidity.

I definitely think these are a quality, cost effective, and fun way to stand out at the courts and to protect your paddle! Not only can you get your own personal text, they have other pre-made bands with sayings like “Day Dinker” or “0-0-2.”

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!


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