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Casual Dinker Pickleball Clothing Apparel Review

Company Info: Casual Dinker Pickleball Company is a lifestyle clothing brand that is based out of Utah. Started this year, their goal is to keep life casual through both style and humor. They have apparel for all ages and even have a full line up of accessories as well! Casual Dinker is a veteran owned and operated business. Check out their full line up of apparel and accessories at

Item: We’ve got the SDSR T-Shirt!

Description: The Casual Dinker Pickleball Company SDSR T-Shirt is one of their best sellers. The t-shirt itself is black, with the SDSR logo front and center. Serve, Dink, Slam, Repeat (SDSR) is present on the front in a variety of colors (yellow, orange, red, and teal). It also had lines above and below the words as well, for an added styling. The “Casual Dinker” logo is present on the left sleeve, which elevates the overall quality.

The shirt itself is pre-shrunk 100% cotton. The other big thing to note here is that the item is made “on demand.” This means it is created specifically for you, after an order is placed.  

Price Point: The shirt is available on their website for $25! 

Recommendation: The SDSR Casual Dinker shirt is an affordable, high quality pickleball shirt. It embodies some of the most popular pickleball shots with the Casual Dinker logo. The logo itself is very cool and to the casual eye, probably wouldn’t scream “pickleball company.” It’s got cursive writing, with a pickleball paddle/ball combo snuck into the “U.” For all the pickleball players, they’ll know instantly, but I think this logo stands alone as being a stylish logo people would want to wear.

The shirt is very comfortable and fits great. The sleeves fit snug but are breathable. The fit gives a higher quality feel vs. your standard “t-shirt.” I also think it’s really cool that the shirts are made to order, which means any order is made just for the customer.

The shirt has held up great in the wash and we encountered no issue with washing / drying as far as any of the design goes.

Cheers to this veteran owned pickleball company – we’re excited to check out more of their gear in the future!

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!


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