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By the Players Pickleball Merch Review

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

By the Players Pickleball

Company Info: By the Players Pickleball! BTP is a brand made by pickleball players, for pickleball players! They specialize in pickleball specific apparel and merch. All of their designs start with a hand drawing and are then screen printed by hand. You can see more of their story and products here:

Apparel: We are reviewing the “Sunset” and “Erne” tees, along with the “Erne” performance hat. For the full photos, check out our Instagram (

Description: The “Erne” tee and performance hat both feature the “Air Erne” logo, which is reminiscent of the “Air Jordan” logo, and we are big fans. The erne logo is a perfect representation of one of the coolest shots in the game, and it translates great to the merch. The performance hat itself is very comfortable and held up really well, even with hours of play. The black, white, and red designs are utilized for both the tee and hat with the “Erne” design, and I think this is a timeless look. The “Sunset” tee features a sunset pickleball, with palm tree silhouettes in the foreground. Living in FL, this fits us perfectly!

The tees themselves are very comfortable and could be worn both during play on the courts, or out and about town.

The hat is truly a performance hat. It is moisture wicking and the back is perforated to allow for breathability. We’ve received a lot of compliments already with the “Erne” hat and this seems to be a crowd favorite. You can even catch “pickleball coach to the stars” Matt Manasse rocking it as well!

Price Point: The “Erne” performance hat currently sits at $32, with the “Erne” and “Sunset” shirt both being at $30.

Recommendation: I really enjoy the designs that this brand features. The materials overall feel high quality and I have had no issue while wearing them to play multiple times. Also, the thing that really sticks out to me is the branding. I like how the hat has the BTP information on the side and even in the interior. The same goes for the shirts, not only do the shirts feature their respective logos on the front, they also have the “By the Players Pickleball” branding on the back as well. I would definitely recommend checking them out – look good, play good!

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