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Body Helix Hydro Helix Strawberry Margarita Drink Review

Company Info: Body Helix is an athletic company that specializes in compression products, sports gear, hydration products, and apparel. They are based out of NC and are lead by a team of a highly accredited former tennis champion and established doctor. Their goal overall is to bring high quality that also assist with living an active and healthy lifestyle. See their full range of products and offerings here:

Item: We will be reviewing the Hydro Helix Strawberry Margarita with caffeine drink.

Description: The Hydro Helix (Strawberry Margarita flavor) is an electrolyte replacement powder that includes caffeine from green tea. The container comes with 30 servings and 1 scoop is considered a serving. The drink is marketed as a healthy option when compared to your typical “pre-workout” drink. This powder is plant based, non-GMO, contains no dyes, is gluten free, keto friendly, does not contain sugar and also does not contain erythritol.

The main benefits of this are stated to be as follows: energy, electrolytes, and endurance.

Given that this product does not contain erythritol, it was recommended to shake prior to each drink in order to ensure the product was blended smoothly. They’ve got an awesome blender bottle available, that has a really nice lid that can be screwed on to ensure no leaks or spills.

Price Point: The powder is available for $45.00 on their website.

Recommendation: The Hydro Helix Strawberry Margarita with caffeine electrolyte drink tasted very good. It had a nice strawberry flavor, and even had a bit of a salty aftertaste, just like you were drinking a margarita!

I used this product prior to and during working out/playing pickleball. It’s obviously already pretty warm here in FL, so we are definitely sweating a lot while playing / running outside.

The big thing I noticed about this powder (outside of the flavor), was that there was not a jittery feeling that I have experienced with other pre-workouts or energy drinks. I did notice an energy boost and didn’t feel as tired with longer play sessions.

Using this product during the hot FL days, I could definitely tell that my endurance was higher and I was feeling less dehydrated after sweating a lot. I have been using this for a few weeks now and have started regularly incorporating it into my workouts / play. Not having a crash after playing due to dehydration is really great.

The product overall definitely seems very high quality and I like the fact that it’s got so many natural ingredients. It’s something I can drink and not have second thoughts about what I’m actually consuming or worry about negative side effects. Also, stay tuned for their new blender bottle to be on their website, I was quite fond of this and thought it was pretty stylish too. I would recommend trying it out as a change up to your typical electrolyte or pre-workout drink!

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