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Bob's Pickle Pops Review

Company Info: Bob’s Pickle Pops is the original pickle juice ice pop and have been around since 2007. They also have a number of other pickle related products. Bob’s Pickle Pops sells pickle related nutritional products in the form of ice pops, “potions,” and even pickle back mixes for bars, etc. Outside of their nutritional products, they’ve got a range of clothing and even a children’s book! You can find them on Amazon, Wal-Mart online, and their website

Item: We’re reviewing the Bob Pickle Original Pop and the Pickle Potion #9.

Description: All of the items come branded with the Bob’s Pickle logo (a range of pickle characters).

The Pickle Original Pop comes in a 2 oz. popsicle sleeve that is green with the logo present. The sleeve is similar to your standard freezer pop. The packaging is nice and states you can enjoy the pops either frozen or un-frozen (for the sake of this review, we went with frozen).

The Pickle Potion #9 comes in a small vial that is 6.3 oz. The Pickle Potion #9 is marketed as a sport drink to help with anything from muscle cramps, re-hydration, and even to help digestive health (among other things). The bottle itself looks cool, with the outside being clear so that you can see the green pickle juice, and with the cap being bright red. It is a visually appealing design!

Price Point: A 2 oz. 6 pack of the pickle pops is available online for $2.92. A 4 pack of the potion is available for $15.95.

Recommendation: I’ll start with the pickle pops. To clarify, we did try these frozen (I mean, it’s FL and it’s a popsicle, right?). They definitely have a strong pickle flavor, but are really refreshing. They froze easily and were a unique and tasty treat during a hot day.

For the pickle potion, we took this as a “sport drink” and tested it out on the pickleball courts. Pickleball and pickle potion, what a match. I refrigerated the potion and was really fond of the flavor. I drank the potion over the course of two weeks both before playing and after hitting the courts as well. Obviously, the flavor is pickle, but I actually thought these were really smooth and refreshing. Given that it is pretty hot in FL already, I definitely sweat a lot on the courts. I did think that this potion served it’s purpose very well of re-hydration and also getting some additional sodium into my diet. I’ve grown quite fond of the flavor itself and this is something I look forward to after playing or working out!

These items certainly are unique and they both are packed with flavor. If you are a fan of pickles or pickle juice, these have to be your next purchase. The flavor is good, but not over powering and they have a lot of additional health benefits. Side note, we did try the pickle potion as a chaser (pickleback shot), and it was fantastic! Give them a look or find them in your nearest Wal-Mart!

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