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Arctic Ice Plunge Review

Company Info: Arctic Ice Plunge is a wellness and recovery solution company that specializes in cold tubs. Their goal is all about “helping individuals embrace their journey towards optimal health and well-being through the transformative power of ice baths.” They currently feature a range of ice bath related products on their website. Although this is not specific to pickleball necessarily, we definitely feel as though recovery products are extremely important. With pickleball injuries on the rise (I’m sure you’ve seen the articles), we felt it was a great time to review a product that is designed help with recovery. To see their full product line up, check out

Item Name: Today, we are reviewing the feature product in their line, the “Arctic Ice Plunge” cold tub.

Description: The Arctic Ice Plunge cold tub is a portable ice bath that is black in color, featuring the logo in white on the side. The tub itself is circular and has rods that slide into the sides to create the ring shape. The top portion inflates and the tub also comes with a collapsible lid that stretches over the top. The inside of the tub is white and the lid mirrors the same black with white logo as the tub itself.

There are 2 valves on the product that allow you to release the water once you are finished. One of these is on the side near the bottom and features a small white pipe for easy release. The other is on the base of the product for when you need to drain the remaining water.

The tub came with instructions, a repair kit and also, a pump to inflate the top portion.

Price Point: The Arctic Ice Plunge is currently available on sale on their website for $113.98.

Recommendation: I’ve used this ice bath for about a month or so now and definitely have enjoyed the benefits! To start, it is very easy to set up. The white plastic rods easily slide into the side panels and inflating it takes no time at all.

There are numerous designed benefits of ice baths / cold plunges (read more on their website). I used this to assist in recovery for muscle and joint soreness after playing long hours of pickleball and working out. I can confidently say that after a few minutes in the ice bath, I feel rejuvenated and notice that I wake up feeling less sore than I was previously. It really does help in muscle recovery and allows you to get back to being active much faster than without it. Spend a couple minutes in the tub for much longer time on the courts!

Another benefit I noticed from doing these ice baths a few times a week is just an overall increase in mood. These have also been studied and tested to show that they can relieve stress and anxiety. Per their website, “scientists think that exposing your body to cold water triggers a stress response and activates the nervous system. These changes can improve your mood and help you adapt to stress over time.”

I’m very pleased with this tub and I think that it is an affordable way to reap the benefits of an ice bath, without having to worry about dirtying or damaging your actual bath tub, or spending thousands of dollars on a permanent outdoor tub.

The tub can take a little bit to fill up and I recommend using it for 2-3 days at a time with the same water. I also would recommend getting the large 20 lb. ice bags, to ensure you get the appropriate temperature.

Be sure to give them a look and for full photographs, check out our Instagram!

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