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4rth Paddle Drip Review

Company Info: 4rth is a pickleball company, who specializes in edge guards for your pickleball paddle. The name “4rth” (fourth) comes from the age old pickleball question, “do you have a fourth?” Their paddle edge guards go over top of the paddle edge for further protection and also, for style. 4rth also powers the Sundance League in Utah, so if you’re in the area, be sure to check them out! More on them here,

Item: Today we’re reviewing the Graffiti Red and the Camo Natural paddle drips.

Description: The paddle drips both are very stylish and have eye catching designs.

The Graffiti red comes in a variety of colors, but this particular color combo features a bright red and black background, with the 4rth logo present in white. The contrast between the red and black is definitely eye-catching and brings a “pop” to the paddle (which previously had just a white edge guard).

The Camo Natural paddle drip also comes in a variety of colors. This particular combo features green, black and tan. The 4rth logo is also present here in white, with black outlines.

Price Point: Both items are currently available on their website for $11.99, each (each pack comes with 3).

Recommendation: I utilized both of these drips to go over my edge guard and to cover my lead tape. These were really easy to put on and they fit two different paddles great (Volair Mach 1 and the Holbrook Mav Pro). They function great to not only cover the lead tape, but also, to protect the edge guard from scuffs as well. The paddles are obviously not cheap, so it’s great to be able to protect them with these.

I think the designs on these are awesome. They also have a ton of variety in their designs, from the graffiti looks, to your standard one color. They really make the paddle look stylish and also, makes your paddle stand out from the rest.

The installation itself was very easy. All I had to do to install, was remove the back and place the drip right down the side of the paddle. The adhesive has held up great and these are very durable. After a week in the FL heat, I have noticed no signs of them peeling off, etc.

I think these paddle drips are a really great (and inexpensive) way to add some flare to your paddle, while ultimately extending the paddle life. I definitely will be rocking these on my paddle in the future!

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